How to remove skin inflammation - ointments and creams with hormones and without


How to remove skin inflammation - ointments and creams with hormones and withoutWith cutaneous inflammation may facealmost anyone, regardless of gender, age and social status. Redness, papules, blisters and bubbles with unpleasant "supplements" in the form of a burning sensation and itching - all this can be a manifestation of various skin diseases (allergic and atopic dermatitis, urticaria), as well as a consequence of a more "mundane" reasons (irritation by certain chemicals , insect bites, sunburn).

What to do if you are faced with a similarthe situation? Of course, the best decision is not to self-medicate and consult a dermatologist, but it is clear that such a decision is not to everybody's taste, especially if the inflammation does not show signs of serious illness.

Today pharmacy shelves abound with a variety ofexternal means to successfully solve a similar problem. To those include the various emollients and moisturizers, nonsteroidal (e.g. gel Fenistil) and hormones, as well as antihistamines for intake in the form of tablets and syrups.

Emollient cream (they are considered cosmeticmeans, not drugs) you can do in that case, if the inflammation of the skin is only a manifestation of irritation (dermatologists call it Irritant contact dermatitis). A simple example -.. Irritation from soaps, salts, solvents, etc. Also, emollient cream to be helpful for sunburn.

In more serious problems among softeningcosmetics can not do, this will require these drugs already. The most effective anti-inflammatory drugs for external use are considered to be a variety of creams and ointments containing the glucocorticosteroid hormones.

How to remove skin inflammation - ointments and creams with hormones and withoutCorticosteroids - are hormones,produced by the adrenal cortex of man. They have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and in connection with this for more than half a century, are widely used in medicine as a systemic (pills and injections for severe conditions) and locally (creams and ointments). This, no doubt, the most powerful anti-inflammatory agent, which can be over the counter (at least some of them) over the counter - no non-hormonal anti-inflammatory drug can not be compared with them in strength and speed of action. However, the word "hormone" causes fear, t. To. Associated with possible side effects from their use.

What do you do to use hormonal exteriormeans, or not? It is obvious that with a strong inflammation (and it does not matter, it is a manifestation of allergic skin reactions or just unbearably itchy insect bite malware) without them difficult to manage. At the same time, as we know, fear has big eyes - the side effects is easy enough to avoid, if you observe a few simple rules.

  1. Corticosteroids are drugs "firstaid ", they should not be smeared with for a long time. Usually they allow to eliminate the inflammation in a few days, and sometimes hours. If you have three days using an external hormonal drug, and no improvement is observed, do not risk and seek medical attention - perhaps your symptoms on the skin are something not at all what you think.
  2. Particular caution should be observed whenthe use of these drugs in the face, genitals and folds. The skin in these areas is very delicate and the risk of side effects is higher, so to hormonal drugs should be used only as a last resort. In addition, these delicate zones is not necessary to use the ointment - need milder forms (cream, lotion).
  3. How to remove skin inflammation - ointments and creams with hormones and withoutIn no event should not be applied to their eyelids and skin around the eyes - these drugs may increase intraocular pressure, which is fraught with serious complications.
  4. Also, do not use them if theresigns of skin infection (there were yellow crusts, pus, etc...) - may facilitate its spread. In this case, the required antibacterial agents, antiseptics, or a combination of drugs which contain and glucocorticosteroid hormone, antibiotics and antifungal agents for the treatment of infections (e.g. pimafukort cream). But, of course, will be the most prudent if there are signs of infection consult a specialist.
  5. Finally, preference should be givenmodern drugs with improved efficiency ratio of security (eg, Lokoid) - they are not as effective as the old fluorinated drugs, but much safer. Cost savings from the acquisition of early generation drug (betamethasone drugs (Akriderm, Beloderm) fluotsionolona acetonide (sinaflana, flutsinar)) does not outweigh the scales, if the other is your safety.
  6. Also important and the choice of dosage form of the drug. For example, the drug Lokoid, being a modern non-halogenated steroid available in as many as four - in addition to traditional ointments and creams, have unique shapes, Lipokrem and mackerel. First properties lotions and ointments, and combines good eliminates dryness, accompanying chronic inflammation, a second name which can be decoded as "creamy lotion" is a liquid form, which can be conveniently used in acute inflammation and in delicate areas mentioned above.

Popular due to the expression of social advertisingIt reads: "Do not be afraid to have to, you know." Corticosteroids for external application is very effective means, which are recommended to be kept in the medicine cabinet to any person, and the observance of a few simple rules, which are described above, allows you to use them without fear of adverse consequences.

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