Halitosis - a possible sign of the patient's stomach


  • Why there is bad breath gastritis
  • What may indicate stomach as the cause of bad breath
  • What the survey will help determine the condition of the stomach
  • Is it possible to cure chronic gastritis

  •  Halitosis - a possible sign of the patient's stomachHaving a sick stomach - breath we getin addition. This is one of hardly recognizable signs of distress in the digestive tract. Earlier gastritis with bad breath was considered a disease of the students in our days it is a disease of many people of different incomes.

    Chaotic "snacks", the lack of power of rhythm,eating unhealthy foods, eating at night, a small amount of vegetables, and many other aspects of the diet begin their destructive work from early childhood, causing gastritis, bad breath and other symptoms, which will be discussed below.

    Be aware that if I have bad breath - stomach may be to blame. Do not leave without attention to the problem, in fact gastritis - a good background for the development of gastric ulcers.

    Why there is bad breath gastritis

    • Gastritis may be associated with frequent belching bad smell
    • With the development of chronic gastritis, especially the atrophic form, slowing down the process of digestion. The protein component of food begins to rot in the stomach, causing bad breath
    • Chronic gastritis is accompanied by violationmicroflora in the digestive tract. This in turn leads to inflammation in the mouth and tonsils. Thus, the unpleasant smell from the mouth is supplemented with a sick stomach.

    What may indicate stomach as the cause of bad breath

    If you listen to your body, you will notice not only bad breath - stomach illness when calls and other tangible symptoms. It is necessary to pay attention to:

    • What if white tongue and bad breath?pain in the epigastric region (on the top andin the middle of the abdomen between the costal arches) alone or with pressure on this area - a classic symptom of gastritis. The pain may spread to the left collarbone.
    • sour taste in the mouth. More often than not accompanied by gastritis acidity. Gastric juice thus thrown into the lower esophagus (the so-called "acid regurgitation").
    • white fur and breath andare signs of the disease. The thick of it - the more pronounced gastric discomfort. However, the appearance may be caused by plaque and other diseases of the digestive system, including the liver. That is why the white tongue, bad breath and a sick stomach are closely related.
    • periodic "causeless" nausea. Connect with meals in this case is quite difficult, but with significant deviations from a healthy diet, it can turn into a retching and rejection eaten within a few hours
    • Psychological discomfort. This symptom still raises many questions, but its existence is certain. The increase in irritability and other symptoms disforichnyh usually slightly ahead of gastritis and its aggravation, although the primacy of these events has not been established. This is true of a peptic ulcer.

    What the survey will help determine the condition of the stomach

    The diagnosis of chronic gastritis to dateis the concept of morphological, that is, determined by examination of the gastric mucosa. Therefore, the best step is to conduct FEGDS. Diagnosis is very important to select the treatment of gastric and eliminate bad breath. Modern technology and anesthesia makes the procedure is well tolerated.

    Is it possible to cure chronic gastritis

    If the cause of bad breath is the stomach, treatment should be directed along two main lines.

    First - this is a complex medicinal effects. Medications that require a sick stomach in the treatment of gastritis and eliminate bad breath, have auxiliary

    The second - not less important, is to return to a natural healthy lifestyle, which will help to cope with the smell from the mouth, white coating on the tongue, constant fatigue and dysphoria.

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