Cariogenic risk factors


Cariogenic risk factors
The study of risk factors, the emergence and developmentcaries focus on many areas of dentistry, are engaged in the definition of the etiology and pathogenesis of the disease and find polyetiological ie, multifactorial. Cariogenic risk factors are divided into general:

  • poor-quality diet and drinking water;
  • Functional changes in the state of internal organs;
  • extreme effects on the body;
  • heredity.

Local risk factors of caries are:

  • oral microflora;
  • plaque and dental plaque;
  • sticky starchy food residues in the mouth;
  • dental tissue resistance and variations in its biochemical composition;
  • the state of dental systems and dental pulp.

Cariogenic situation appears faster andfaster at a reduced stability of the dental tissues to provoking moments. Furthermore, it is possible emergence of atypical caries which is characterized by destruction of the cutting edge of a tooth or protuberance can flow and not only asymptomatic, but absolutely painless.

Atypical or tooth decay depulpirovannogo

The disease is rare, but this optionthere is a combination of genetic predisposition and abuse of foods rich in simple carbohydrates. The development process is most often observed at the junction of fillings and dental treatment depulpirovannogo tooth carried by traditional methods and techniques, except for anesthesia due to lack of nerve.

Before the dentist is the detection taskcauses and elimination of cavities, as well as the decision of aesthetic problems in the selection of the filling material. Modern methods make it possible to use high-tech methods and materials, which makes it possible not only to preserve the functionality of the tooth after cured caries, but also to recreate the anatomy, characteristics and shade of color due to light-curing materials. To help the dentist comes to prevention, backed up by the use of the toothpaste against the highest quality of dental caries.

Toothpaste against caries: an important element of prevention

Cariogenic risk factors
A significant effect was observed at complexprevention and care of the oral cavity when provided with the intake of a sufficient amount of calcium, phosphorus, fluoride and other trace elements are contained in the seaweed, sea fish, beets, nuts. Preventive measures include compliance with the rules of a healthy diet, which involves eating sufficient quantities of vegetables and fruits, berries, vegetables, cheese, milk and dairy products, solid food and wholemeal bread.

The main instruments of oral careThey are the toothbrush and toothpaste against tooth decay, dental floss, toothpicks, interdental stimulants and irrigators, allowing to achieve the maximum purification of dental cavities. Preventive and curative toothpaste enriched with vitamins and trace elements, are designed to prevent dental disease caused by the defeat of the tooth enamel and prevent the formation of plaque. They include in its composition a fluorine compound, phosphorus and calcium, including abrasives needed for cleaning and polishing teeth - Aerosil, aluminum hydroxide, and calcium phosphates and polymeric compounds. But it should be taken into account, none of the cleanser does not cure and does not answer the question: "How to treat deep caries"

How and where to treat deep caries?

Deep caries - the final stage of developmentcaries and tooth tissue lesions, characterized by the presence of grooves in the tooth, and the softening of the pigmented layer of dentin. The pain is caused by ingestion of hot or cold food, it is possible occurrence of spontaneous pain in the case of pulp lesions and the appearance of halitosis due to the accumulation of food residues in the cavity.

Only a doctor can make a correct diagnosis anddecide how to treat it. Deep caries preceded the surface and middle stages, timely diagnosis could help protect themselves from the serious consequences if regular visits to the dentist, and strictly carry out his orders. In a specialized clinic dentist will conduct treatment using modern equipment according to the algorithm and standard.

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