How to choose a dental clinic?


  • How to search for a dental clinic
  • As clarified by phone in the dental clinic administrator
  • What to look for in the registry Dental Clinic
  • What to look for in a dentist's office

  • Polls have shown that patients seeking care in private
    dental clinics of Kiev, have changed over the past five years
    three or four dentists. So, choose a dental
    clinic and experienced dentist you can trust completely, not
    so easy.

    Unfortunately, teeth are not able to treat all those who have received from
    State diploma and a license for this activity. Are there
    the criteria by which you can navigate when choosing dental
    Clinic? Real professionals can be found in elite private
    clinic, and in the modest office of public health facilities. but
    Dentistry in the modern version - it is not only capable hands
    doctor and multifunction devices plus the latest materials and

    How to search for a dental clinic

    At all,
    the best recommendation for a dental clinic - no loud advertising,
    and the number of patients using the services of the clinic each year. And if
    the dentist a "fan club", consisting of patients who go
    only to him, boldly sit in his chair.

    It is better to dentist
    look for the familiar. Asking someone from friends where he was, then
    naturally to look at the dental clinic. But you can
    whether, for the first time referring to the dental clinic, to evaluate its level,
    while heHow to choose a dental clinic?CB not being a dentist?

    There are several signs that determine the professional approach to dentistry.

    As clarified by phone in the dental clinic administrator

    • AT
      Clinic uses a reliable system of protection of the patient and the doctor
      infections (hepatitis, AIDS, etc.), modern methods of disinfection
      instruments and disposable syringes carpool;
    • In places
      a license for the type of work that you need. Please
      mean that the license must be able to read this: for example, the treatment of caries
      It defined the term "therapy", bite correction - "orthodontics".
    • The administrator does not shy away from answering questions about the patient's clinical features and treatment about prices.
    • AT
      clinic has radiovisiograph (hybrid computer and X-ray
      tube) - the device that allows you to see the condition of the bone tissue and the roots
      teeth with minimal radiation dose.

    What to look for in the registry Dental Clinic

    • Everywhere
      cleanliness and order, at the entrance you are asked to wear disposable shoe covers.
      This luxury clinic entourage has no value and is rich
      decorated clinic may fall unskilled doctor
      crooked hands.
    • On the walls of the hall - certificates of completion
      dentists qualifications: the more the better and the more languages,
      so, too, is better (different countries). At the same academic rank dentist
      experience (age) category, and have little or no value. Many
      professor of dentistry at the hands of a very high level for a long time to work

    What to look for in a dentist's office

    • The appearance of the doctor and the assistant: they work in full gear - disposable gloves, masks, and sometimes - in the goggles.
    • Job
      with one patient being "four hands" - a doctor helping an assistant.
      The level of technical equipment of the modern dental office
      is so high that the doctor is not able to cope with all
    • The patient reclines in a chair - so treats
      teeth of the civilized world (dental unit, which has
      programmable drive chair lift and lower, she chooses
      the optimal position of the body).
    • Each dental unit
      equipped with special devices - portable and saliva ejector
      vacuum cleaner. They allow the doctor quickly, without distraction, to remove from
      oral saliva, pieces of tooth and filling material.
    • Almost all kinds of works are carried out with the use of local anesthesia: you do not offer "a little patience".
    • The doctor does not shy away from answering questions about the patient's clinical features, discusses treatment options with you.

    You can write about the ideal physician in an ideal dental
    clinic, the ideal assistant with perfect legs, etc., but
    almost no one is ready to pull such financial
    dental services. Because the choice of a doctor depends on the ratio
    individual to their health, namely, how much money and how
    often he is willing to pay for it most health. Always and in all that
    close to the ideal, is very expensive. Price and quality are closely related, but
    It does not necessarily follow from one another.

    Of course, desperate amateurs
    experimenting with their teeth may look for a clinic by
    iterate until they find the one that suits. But the risk with treatment
    not recommend. After the teeth - of the health, and therefore save on yourself,
    favorite, a luxury. Savings on health sooner or later
    backfire even more complex problems, not in vain among today
    good customer clinics almost a quarter of those who reworks anew
    once someone plastered cement holes. Tooth either removed or
    perelechivaetsya, but several times more expensive.

    Therefore, do not start
    his familiarity with the dental clinic immediately with a list price.
    It is more important to pay attention primarily on the other - how else
    You unknown medical organization will prove to you that it is able to
    quality and comfort (ie, without the pain and hassle) to cure your
    precious teeth ?!

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