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  • What is a dental stone
  • Toothed Stone Prevention Measures

    What is a dental stone

    The main substance from which the teeth consists, is called dentin. Dentin is sophisticated with age, and it can also lead to dental darkening. Dentin dumps both from the inside and outside.

    Toothstone, PreventionFrom the inside - usually from excess fluorine in the body. The reason for this can
    be a large number of swallowed toothpaste. At the same time on the teeth
    appear white, or - but less often brown spots.

    Fucking the outside and the appearance of the dental plaque is caused as
    Rule, smoking and abuse of some products, for example,
    coffee. In addition, the dental flare leaves and almost any food.

    Already a few hours after the appearance, if you do not remove it, the dental flare forms a dental plaque - whitish soft deposits on the teeth. If they are not eliminated days for seven days, they will cure and turn into a dented stone.

    Toothstone is located between the edge of the gums and the surface
    Tuba. Since, the dental flare continues to be postponed and increasing, all
    more microorganisms set in the oral cavity. They provoke start
    inflammatory process in the gums adjacent to the stone.

    And inflamed gums bleeds with the easiest touch.
    Blood cells are destroyed, rich in iron salts, and they are settled on
    teeth, make them dark brown.

    In addition to its destructive effects on the oral cavity, the dental flare can also cause inflammation of the lungs.
    It was found out by American scientists - it turned out that it was in the dental
    The tax contains and multiply a huge number of bacteria,
    leading to this disease.

    Toothed Stone Prevention Measures

    Cleaning the teeth, eliminating them from plaques and tartar, produced in
    various dental clinic. In addition, it is also necessary
    to brush your teeth every day to not bring things to appeal to
    Stomatologists. There are folk ways.

    For instance, «brush your teeth» And at the same time, it is possible to strengthen them, eating every day on fresh apple. Another good method is the rinsing of the mouth with a tincture of dill.

    Also useful rinsing and tincture of celery - two tea
    Celery root spoons for one glass of vodka, you need to insist two
    weeks. When rinse, take one tablespoon of tincture on one
    glass of water.

    For, actually, the strengthening of gums and teeth, good and plantain and garlic - garlic can just eat one - two slices per day, but you can
    rub off their teeth. And in the presence of the plantain my teeth can rinse.

    In addition, the egg shell powder is also useful. Shell - No
    only from raw eggs - it is necessary to crumble into a small powder and take
    one teaspoon per day, drinking water. Already three weeks
    Update enamel on the teeth and strengthen them.
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