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  • Wikipedia — folk remedy by smell from mouth number one
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  • Pleasant smell of mouth and smokingThe smell of cigars, tubular tobacco, cigarettes from mouth do not at all associate with frosty freshness. Smoking sooner or later begins to embarrass the smoker himself, not a potential opportunity to cause cancer of the rotogling or larynx, but the emergence of not very pleasant smell of mouth. About others and not worth talking, they sharply feel the slightest signs of cigarette smoke and easily recognize the person smoking by the smell of mouth, from his clothes and leather.

    Wikipedia — folk remedy by smell from mouth number one

    During smoking there are many reasons for the emergence of the smell of mouth. Wikipedia reports that smoking blocks the absorption of vitamin C, that is, causes hypovitaminosis. Of this kind of knowledge, being generally available, often remain unnoticed.

    The lack of vitamin C leads to the defectivity of the connective tissue, and its extreme degree is known as the disease grief, or ration. Enough to remember school pictures in biology textbooks — Toothless people suffering from Qing to understand that smoking and healthy gums — Concepts are completely opposite.

    Good reason to smell from mouth — Dysbacteriosis, violation of natural microflora of the oral cavity, which also reports Wikipedia. Often concept «Dysbacteriosis» Associates with the intestines, but in the oral cavity there is also a certain balance of microorganisms, with a change in which the smell of mouth changes. Cigarettes contribute to the development of dysbacteriosis, and also have a negative impact on gums and dental enamel, painting it with persistent pigment under temperature difference.

    The third feature of smoking — associated with him insufficient oral hygiene. The fact is that when smoking it is never sufficient. It is impossible to clean my teeth after each cigarette, and rinse your mouth after working smokers is also tedious. Meanwhile, a dense protein flare, which for the day in small quantities is formed on the teeth, as well as flare in the language — Quickly and for a long time painted with smells of cigarettes, and creates a resistant smell of mouth, even when the whole smoke will disappear from the lungs.

    Another factor contributing to the development of Galitosis (unpleasant smell of mouth) during smoking — This is dry mouth mucous membrane. Small quantity and increased viscosity of saliva do not contribute to good oxidation of the oral cavity, and as a result, an unpleasant smell occurs.

    How to get rid of the smell of mouth when smoking

    Pleasant smell of mouth and smokingThe answer is simple: if you stop smoking, the smell of mouth will disappear over time. It is over time, because damaged smoking with the tissues of the oral cavity, gums, surfaces of the tongue, microflora need to be restored. But immediately will go away by regular smoking the smell of cigarettes from mouth — After all, in the lungs now there will be no residues of smoke.

    If this saving event for some reason is delayed in time (you are not going to smoke all my life), I will relieve the position of the smokers in relation to not very pleasant smell of mouth, mental candy, rinsing agents and other versions of refreshing agents will help. Do not abuse chewing gum — Five minutes after eating — These are their only legal time, as well as fresheners based on alcohol. With frequent alcohol-containing rinsing, it is easy to cut the oral cavity and aggravate the smell problem.

    It should be regularly brushing your teeth, as well as special attention to the language and raid on it. Small irritation of mucous membranes and light gingivitis, constantly arising against the background of smoking, can calm the rinsings from a weak chamomile beam or sage.

    Be healthy and exude only pleasant aromas!

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