If your child has a stomach ache


  • Call a doctor!
  • Causes of pain in the abdomen
  • Intussusception and strangulated hernia
  • Appendicitis
  • worms

  • Call a doctor!

    let laxative. Of course you need to urgently call a doctor if
    abdominal pain lasting longer than one hour, regardless of whether strong
    or they are weak.

    The causes of abdominal pain are many. Some of them are very serious.
    The doctor is able to distinguish between the pain and prescribe proper treatment.

    It would be wrong to give the child a laxative before the examination the doctor because
    that there are such a pain for which laxative is very dangerous. Pending
    doctor measure the temperature of a child, the doctor is important to know it. Place
    the child to bed and do not give him any food, until you advise with
    doctor. If a child is thirsty, give him water little

    Causes of pain in the abdomen

    In the first weeks of life are at pains indigestion and gas.

    After a year of one of the various causes of abdominal pain -
    colds, sore throat or flu, especially if the child has a high
    temperature. This means that the infection has spread to the intestines
    as well as other organs. Almost any infection can cause
    vomiting and constipation, especially in the beginning. A small child may complain
    pain in the abdomen, while actually vomits. Often after
    such a complaint at the child starts vomiting.

    There are a variety of intestinal diseases which cause
    sometimes abdominal pain with vomiting, sometimes with diarrhea, and sometimes with that, and with
    others. These diseases are sometimes called "intestinal flu". Often they
    It affects all family members one by one. Some epidemic "intestinal flu" are dysentery and paratyphoid. Wherein
    temperature may be elevated or normal.

    If your child has a stomach ache
    Children with poor appetite often complain of pain in the stomach before eating or
    after I eat quite a bit. Parents usually think that
    child invents, to find an excuse to give up food. I think,
    more likely that his poor stomach all the "compressed" because
    tension during every meal, and that it really hurts
    stomach. To cure such pain can only make a pleasant environment for
    food that children receive pleasure from it.

    In children with a good appetite, but experiencing some trouble,
    can also be abdominal pain, especially just before meals. Think of
    a child who is nervous at the beginning of the school year instead of appetite
    before breakfast in his aching. All kinds of emotions - from fear to
    excitement - can affect the condition of the stomach and
    intestine and not only cause loss of appetite, and abdominal pain, but also
    vomiting, and diarrhea, and constipation.

    Food poisoning. They are caused by poor-quality food,
    contaminated with harmful bacteria. The taste of food could be unusual, but
    and it is normal. Food poisoning is rarely caused by food,
    and carefully prepared shortly before use because
    the process of preparation of the microbes die. The most common cause
    poisonings are cakes with cream filling and venison, as
    Bacteria multiply rapidly in the products that are stored for a long time and
    wrong. Another part of the reason - incorrectly prepared home

    Symptoms of food poisoning: vomiting, diarrhea and abdominal pain, sometimes
    chills and fever. All who ate spoiled food, almost
    simultaneously test its effects in varying degrees, in contrast
    from "intestinal flu", which affects all family members take turns in
    for several days.

    Less common causes of abdominal pain are chronic indigestion with gas,
    intestinal allergy, inflammation of the lymph nodes in the abdomen,
    rheumatic fever, kidney disease, and others. As you can see, it is necessary
    thorough medical examinations, if your child has abdominal pain, whether
    is acute or chronic, strong or weak.

    Intussusception and strangulated hernia

    Although rare, but common condition called intussusception, when
    which the intestine folds like a telescope, so that creates a
    its obstruction. Because of this, the child are unexpected
    painful spasms at intervals of a few minutes when it is well
    feels. Maybe one vomit poured several times. Across
    few hours (which is either normal or liquid
    chair) child defecates with mucus and blood. This condition is usually
    observed between 4 months and 2 years, but can be used and
    later. It occurs very rarely, but in this case necessary
    immediate assistance to the doctor; that is why this state is here described.

    Rare but dangerous and other forms of intestinal obstruction. Part
    bowel can bend and get stuck, such as inguinal hernia, or
    other types of hernias. At the same time there are sharp painful cramps and vomiting.


    Allow me at the outset to refute some common
    misconceptions about appendicitis. The temperature is not necessarily
    increases. Pain is not always sharp. Usually the pain go to the bottom
    the right part of the abdomen after the attack continues for some
    time. Not sure there is vomiting. A blood test does not prove that
    abdominal pain associated with appendicitis.

    The appendix - a small appendage of the cecum of no shorter
    earthworm. It is usually in the bottom right of center
    the abdomen, but can be lower or higher, closer to the middle of the abdomen, or even
    almost under the ribs. Inflammation of the appendix - is a gradual process, as the
    the formation of an abscess. That's why the sudden sharp pain in the abdomen,
    which lasts several minutes and then disappears forever, is not caused by
    appendicitis. The main danger of appendectomy that festering
    appendix can burst, almost the same as an abscess and infection
    extends across the abdominal cavity. This is called peritonitis.
    Rapidly maturing appendicitis abscess may reach that degree,
    when he is ready to break through in less than 24 hours. That is why it is so important
    medical examination.

    If your child really appendicitis, delay the operation dangerous.


    Sometimes abdominal pain caused by worms. Usually the mother is horrified,
    finding them in the stool of the child. But in fact there is no reason
    upset and assume that proper care was not provided for the child.

    The most common worms - pinworms. They look like white trim
    thread length in cm. They live in the rectum, and come out at night,
    to lay eggs around the anus. Pinworms cause itching
    anus, which can disrupt the child's sleep. It used to be that
    because worms child grinds his teeth in his sleep, but it's all over
    Apparently, not. Save a piece of feces with worms, to show
    doctor. Worm disease is treatable, but treatment should
    conducted under the supervision of a physician.

    Ascaris very similar to earthworms. Usually they give symptoms
    if a lot of them. Ascaris are found in the stool, doctor prescribes
    appropriate treatment.

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