It is no longer necessary in kidney transplant!


It is no longer necessary in kidney transplant!Tens of thousands of patients across the world (669 of themin Israel) waiting for their turn on the kidney transplant. Many of them die, and not waiting for carrying out the required operation. Transplant Waiting may last for years, but even when a suitable donor is found, there is a risk that the patient's body will reject the transplanted organ to him. The team of researchers from the Medical Center "Sheba" is developing a method of treatment in which the patient's body with chronic kidney disease or cancer stem cells are transplanted kidney tissue. This method can replace a transplant operation.

Work carried out in the Research departmentchildren's stem cells under the guidance of prof. Benjamin Dekel, a leading specialist and physician-nephrologist Children's Hospital. Edmond and Lily Safra, which is a structural part of the hospital named Chaim Sheba. The main objective of the project is to develop a method for the treatment of chronic renal failure in a patient transplanted his own stem cells taken from a healthy section of renal tissue. Such cells are subjected to artificial breeding and cultivation, and then transplanted into the kidney of the patient and thereby heal the affected kidney tissue.

According to prof. Dekel, the modern method of cell therapy will reduce the need for transplant operations in the future, when the patient is transplanted a whole kidney. "We are talking about scientific research, which will allow patients with chronic kidney disease to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant in the future. Stem cells can be derived from a renal tissue of the patient during the early stages of the disease, but their source could be, and renal cell undeveloped embryo (in the case of miscarriage) or tumor tissue, cultured under laboratory conditions - such cells are transplanted to a patient, from which it is impossible to receive the own stem cells "- explains prof. Dekel. Scientists were able to analyze the cells of kidney tissue at the molecular level. They were first developed a technique that allows the stem cells to determine the renal tissue protein markers on the cell surface. Using this technique, scientists hope becomes possible to isolate stem cells from the healthy kidney embryonic or adult tissues, and then transplanted to the patient. It is assumed that these cells are able to integrate into the diseased kidney tissue and improve the functional activity of the kidneys.

At present, the efficiency of the methodverified by experiments on laboratory mice. "I am hopeful that it will take not so many years, and as a result of intensive work within the framework of our study, we will be able to bring the good news for patients with kidney disease," - summarizes prof. Dekel.

Amos Menashe, 53-year-old resident of Netanya, asmany other patients, for two years waiting for their turn on the kidney transplant. "Every two days I have come to the hospital for 4 hours to undergo dialysis treatment," - says Menashe. "I wish the success of scientists in their work. I hope that the results of their work will bring us good news, and let it happen as soon as possible. Suddenly really the time will come when no longer necessary in dialysis departments ", - said yesterday Menashe.

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