10 reasons why you have to like onions


How much is a kilogram of onions? It's funny to remember, so cheap this useful vegetable. However, most of us do not eat a lot of onions, probably because they simply do not know how to use it. Meanwhile, the bow - a rich source of vitamins C and B, it fount of iron, sulfur, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. And you can eat as much as you like - a hundred grams, only 45 kcal.

Word of tears

10 reasons why you have to like onionsThere are people who stay away from onionsjust because he makes cry. But the tears - the most natural eye lubricant that kills bacteria and toxins that can cause irreparable damage to sight. But let's cry just from joy, not during cooking dinner.

You can easily get rid of onion tears. In summer, open a window in the kitchen, in the winter - bring a fan. If the front of the bow threaded to hold it for fifteen minutes in the freezer, so-called volatile sulfur in the people ceases to corrode the mucous eye.

Another wonderful way to chop onions -use a blender. However, this method is suitable only for the food, for which optional beautiful rings or half rings. But chopping onions "a mess" can be a very large number. Take note, those who can not stand, cut the onion: onion pureed will not be felt in any dish, whether it's soup, meatballs or vegetables.

So, what is so valuable bow, you just have to start eating it in incredible numbers?

1. Farewell to the bad cholesterol!

Research scientists from the Chinese UniversityHong Kong convincingly proved that onion, especially red varieties (the one that we call the violet), lowers "bad" cholesterol. Whole-floor bulbs in the day - minus one third of unwanted cholesterol. The same property, by the way, are renowned for the shallots, garlic, and onion-Shnitov.

2. What is glutathione?

The bulb onions is full of antioxidantglutathione, which is associated with the victories over the different types of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and even Alzheimer's disease. The cauliflower and broccoli too much glutathione, so cook them together - use triple.

3. What do the Nero and George Washington?

Both the governor ate lots of onions! It is no coincidence. And the Roman emperor, and the American President famous for excellent health and the ability to quickly cured colds. This is because very fond of onions. Vitamin C in its most natural form found in bulb onions in such an impressive amount that viruses are simply no chance.

4. Lower the bow sugar

Essential oil of onion effect on the human body like insulin - levels in the blood sugar level. Cut the onion in a fresh salad, do not regret it!

5. Mysterious quercetin

10 reasons why you have to like onionsRecently, the medical community began to talk aboutflavonols quercetin. That only makes this element belongs to the group of vitamin P! It acts as an antihistamine and diuretic, fights inflammation, reduces swelling and eliminates spasms, successfully fights against free radicals. And get it out of our bodies can very nondescript ordinary onions. Although the bulbs are very beautiful.

6. Down with harmful metals

For those who like horror stories, we offer to rememberthat the soil, water and air (especially urban) contaminated with metals (mercury, cadmium and lead) that, getting into the body, causing great harm to health. But do not despair - it is better run to the store for a bow. The onions will find your poor body cystine and methionine - an amino acid that, like a magnet, attract harmful metals and remove them out.

7. Men are not as interesting

The most common type of cancer in men - CancerProstate. Fearfully? Do not be afraid! It is better to prepare French onion soup and feed your precious double portion. Studies say that onions, if you have it on a daily basis, reduces the risk of prostate cancer to make.

But about women, we have not forgotten. There is scientific evidence that the bow reduces the likelihood of developing cancer of breast and stomach cancer.

8. Robust memory and brain power

Do you want to deep age to boastperfect memory and a sharp mind? Then eat as much onion as possible. It not only supports the brain in great condition, but also helps to regenerate brain cells after a stroke.

9. Not afraid of bee stings

Summer! Do you want honey, you have got to the hive, and you are bitten by a bee? If there is no strength to endure the pain, and the bite in his eyes is swollen, do not panic in anticipation of drugs - attach a piece of onion cut into bite. And the pain subsides and the swelling is reduced.

10. Smooth skin tone - also merit a bow

Dark spots on the skin are not an uncommon phenomenon. In the summer it can be stale in the sun and make pigmentation and dark spots still appear during pregnancy and often - when taking contraceptives. If you are not a fan of pigmentation, mix the onion puree with apple cider vinegar and apply twice a day on a small area of ​​skin colored wrap. For ten minutes. Very soon, the skin will return its natural color.

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