An elderly man and family


  • Older people and treat them
  • Do not make seniors feel useless

  • One of the requirements of human morality - isrespect for the elderly and care for the older generation. In some families, there are problems in the relationship with the elderly. Sometimes conflicts become so severe that it is impossible to live together there. Why is this happening? What is the cause of these conflicts? Or anyone? Why are some elderly create problems for the family and for himself, blamed the home that they are not taken care of, they do not like. After all, just nothing happens.

    Older people and treat them

    An elderly man and familyHave you noticed that young children and the elderly well find a common language? They love to spend time together: walk, play. This is because kids are positive about the elderly.

    In adolescence and adulthood related tothe elderly, the elderly are more critical. Sometimes even negative. Although it would seem, the energy of youth, experience and wisdom of old age should complement each other and go hand in hand.

    In old age, people tend to take stock of his life. And it is very important that the conclusion to which the person comes. If at work, in the family, he achieved good results, for which feels pride and joy, of course, self-confidence is an important source of normal relations in the family. If an elderly person is happy achievements of children (whether in a professional activity, whether in marriage), if they are respectful to others, hard-working, it is from this source, he will draw strength to live.

    But there is another category of older people, whoall - quite the opposite. Oh yes, plus everything - health problems. How be it, how to spend the rest of years in harmony with oneself and with the environment? What if, after living for many years with his partner, after her death, loneliness does not leave when dedicating all his life to children who do not receive proper attention from them? Of course, it is difficult with the man closed, unsociable, hypochondriac, who always accuses you of inattention, and sometimes threatens to move out of family care. Of course, such an elderly man in the house - it's care, concern and patience, and just next to the children and grandchildren of his life can be filled with meaning.

    Do not make seniors feel useless

    The problem of the elderly loneliness cantouch any family. Older people in the family should be needed. In the elderly, as a rule, there is a lot of free time, in contrast to the young. After all, our parents used to work, any failure to act is unacceptable for them. And family problem - to help something to occupy this free time. You can, for example, instruct a walk with his grandson (this is useful, and the child will be happy to communicate with his grandmother or grandfather) or ask to tie a warm scarf or mittens for children. Or maybe just ask to tell a story, to prepare children to sleep (see, sometimes you want to do that one for you).

    With age, the man pulled to the ground, and work in the garden or in the garden, growing vegetables or flowers brings great satisfaction to our elderly.

    In the tradition of any people, includingRussian - reverence and respect for elders. Elderly people should feel that he needs his family, children and grandchildren. Maintain a friendly attitude towards the elderly. More often talk about how you love them that much without them would not be able to do. Tips on some issues. For example, how best to cook a particular dish. Or offer to cook something for the family dinner. After all, if you have a real family, then lunch and dinner in the family have a place to be. Put the most senior member of the family at the head table. Ask about the past - the elderly, take the fun - they love to talk about it.

    Older people - as children. Pamper them as well as children. Give gifts from time to time, buy delicious. Take a maximum of attention, love and, most importantly, respect. And then the problem of the relationship to the elderly will not affect your family. And do not forget - our children look up to us.

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