Suicide, history and myths


  • From the history of suicide...
  • Suicide, myths

  • From the history of suicide...

    Every day on the planet
    Tens of thousands of people voluntarily leave. Psychologists are attributed
    This step depresses, relatives and acquaintances are looking for explanations in domestic
    problems, accuse specific persons - they say, brought a poor man. How
    it would be, but illness, accidents, murders are carrying far
    less lives than suicides. These are realities.

    It is not known when a person has committed the first suicide, but research
    Anthropologists helped learn what to deprive themselves humanity
    learned pretty long ago. In some communities and tribes suicide
    It was considered as if «Personal business», In some - there were religious
    Rites and cults associated with suicide in others on suicide
    The taboo was superimposed and all attempts cruelly punished. But, anyway,
    Suicide was present in each culture.

    In those days, the struggle for life was not easy, had to be brought into
    Sacrifice of people. In the hungry years, the tribes got rid of patients and
    Week. They, when the time came, voluntarily proceeded to
    death. For example, in the Eskivo tradition of the old man went to the tundra and there
    frozen. In Japan, old parents often asked for children to attribute them to
    the mountains. Westry has existed «Rock ancestors», with which old men
    Jought down.

    Illustration from
    In ancient Greece, granted democracy, the right to voluntarily leave
    This world was provided to citizens only in some cases. Way
    Suicide could choose the one that the law sentenced to death, and Socrates,
    Drinking poison did not exception. Suicide committed without
    The permits of the authorities are strictly condemned and punishable by posthumous shame – in
    Athens and Foufi suicide cut off her hand and buried separately. IN
    The major Greek cities of the authorities stored the stock of the Cicku
    (potent poison). In accordance with the law: «Let the one who is not
    wants to live more, it will set out its foundations of Areopagu and, having received
    resolution leaves life». IN «Digesta» Justian, which are
    classical arch of Roman law, suicide «without any reasons»
    condemned because «He who does not regret himself, will not regret others».
    Under the Emperor (Tarquinition of Trisk), suicidian corpses
    Help to eat wild beasts. In the ancient Carthage female
    suicide bent the threat to expose their nude after death
    bodies for universal review. Jews also treated suicide
    Negative. In Talmud, suicide attempt is considered as
    Crime subject to court and punishment.

    With the arrival of Christianity church led a dense offensive on
    suicide as a phenomenon. In Europe, a real war began in
    suicide. IN «Canons» English king Eduard XI suicide
    equated to robbers and thieves. In Denmark it was forbidden to endure
    The body of suicides through the door - a window used for this purpose, then
    The body was burned, which should symbolize the eternal burning of the soul in hell
    Fire. In Bordeaux - suicides hung over his feet and exhibited universal
    Review, in Abberville - dragged face down on the street. IN
    Laws of Louis of the Holy (13th Century) Suicide Property confiscated,
    If it was a nobleman - his coat of arms broke, the castle was destroyed, all
    The rest became the property of the treasury. Often the suicide was buried on
    crossroads of roads, scoring in the heart of Ospen count, because by
    Believe their soul, not finding calm in heaven, wandered around the ground,
    frightening alive. Russia in this sense did not differ much from Europe - in
    Military Marine Article Peter I said: «If anyone kills himself,
    then the dead body, tied to the horse, drag the streets, behind my feet
    hang, so looking at that other such lawlessness on them
    did not dare». Naturally, with such a tough control of
    states of the state the number of suicides was extremely low.

    But over time, laws, criminal suicides, steel
    Cancel. The first thing did France during the French Revolution.
    In America, in 1881, the meeting of the state of New York determined the term 20
    years of those whose suicide attempt was unsuccessful. The most rigid B
    This issue was the British - before in English laws, in the case of
    failed suicide, the state brought the work started to the end.
    A criminal crime suicide has ceased to be considered in
    United Kingdom in 1961.

    So what we have now. Picture, I must say not quite
    Comforting. According to the World Health Organization each
    The year in the world, about 500,000 people cum with them. But by conclusions
    sociologists - official suicide statistics are significantly different
    from real numbers (according to different estimates of 2-4 times), since in it
    only explicit cases fall. There are also no time
    unsuccessful attempts to leave the life, which are 7-10 times more.

    Suicide, myths

    For example, in Ukraine, more people die from Suicide than from the hands of murderers. But
    terrifies and alarming the fact that over the past decade
    suicide among young people grew 3 times. Attempt to go their lives
    makes every twentieth teenager. The main reasons: failures in school,
    conflicts with parents and peers, fear of future,
    loneliness. But the number of completed suicides among men is 4 times
    exceeding women. On the other hand, women are trying to commit suicide
    4 times more often than men. Explanation of this fact is that women
    much more often think about how their body will look
    death and choose more
    «Safe» Methods that do not lead to
    Full outcome.

    From the time of the year, suicides choose the most common summer and spring. Counts,
    that suicide disease is depression. Therefore, the problem of suicides is the problem of depression. And the most problematic hours is morning and day. By
    statistics consisting in marriage cumsive with them much less often than
    idle or divorced. Big level of suicide among people,
    lost partners - they cum with them three times more often than family.

    Out of 83 ways to commit suicide, most chooses hanging, for
    It follows poisoning. About 50% of people leave suicide notes.
    It is amazing that the standard of living and the number of suicides are not related
    with each other - so one of the most highly developed and rich countries in Europe -
    Sweden for many years is one of the leaders in the number

    With regard to suicides, there are some myths:

    • Suicide make mentally abnormal people. But
      Studies have shown: 80 - 85% of suicides were quite healthy people.
    • Suicide cannot be prevented. But the crisis period -
      temporary phenomenon, and at that moment a person needs mental
      Warm, help and support. Having received it, a person often refuses
      His intentions.
    • That there is a type of people inclined to suicide. But it all depends
      only from the situation and from her personal assessment. As it does not exist
      signs that would indicate why a person decided on
    • Illustration from man before suicide will talk about it, but surrounding
      will perceive it as a joke. In most cases, if you do not take
      Attention Affective suicides, then a person has always warned others
      About their intentions.
    • The decision on suicide comes suddenly, without prior
      Preparation. But the analysis showed that the suicidal crisis can last
      a few weeks, even months.
    • If a person attempted suicide, he never
      Repeat it again. In fact, if a person attempted,
      The risk of re-attempt is very high. The greatest probability in the first 1
      - 2 months.
    • The attraction to suicide is inherited. This statement has not yet been proven by anyone.
    • Reduction in suicide levels contribute to media articles,
      telling about how and why suicide was committed. But this
      Does not respond true.
    • Suicide can be prevented if people are loaded. It's the same.
    • Alcohol Reception Helps Remove Suicidal Emergency. But
      Often it causes the opposite effect: anxiety increases, exacerbated
      conflicts, thereby contributing to suicide.
    • Voluntarily go away strong personality. People who are not
      fear to overcome the fear of unknown, take a step to oblivion. But
      cease to fight for life only weak personalities, those who saved
      Before the difficulties arising.

    IN «Theater Romana» M.BUT.Bulgakova is a wonderful episode, with
    which begins the head called
    «Attack of neustion». On the
    The main character of this work rolling the fear of death, close
    The very desire of death, unexpected help comes from one simple
    thoughts -
    «Who will feed this old cat?», unhappy
    The beast once selected in the yard is very interested in
    nothing happened to the owner. This is so one small episode can
    give the life-affirming power to the whole work.

    Your life can be happy or unhappy. But it is not the most
    the main thing. Only one thing is true. Your life is
    The only thing you have. For her still stands to cling, she is

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