The asymmetry of the face is normal


  • About beauty and symmetry
  • The slight asymmetry of the face - is the norm

  • About beauty and symmetry

    In the world there is no perfect symmetry. It is a mistake to consider the symmetry of the face a sine qua non of its beauty. Mixing hereditary traits can not affect the child's face. To evaluate the beauty of the face is important combination of features and small asymmetry inherent in, by the way, all those people and do not detract from the merits of the portrait. Even on the sculptures of the Venus de Milo and the Apollo Belvedere their faces do not have complete symmetry. With good reason we can say that no one entity with unquestionable strict symmetry of the right and left halves. Perhaps that is why Claudius Galen wrote that "the real beauty is expressed in the perfect destination and that the first target of all the parts - the feasibility of the structure." Sure was right Lesgaft when he wrote that "in the harmonious development of all muscles and muscle groups of the face would lose its specific expression. The individuality of facial features is acquired as a result of the frequent use of the relevant muscles. "

    The slight asymmetry of the face - is the norm

    The asymmetry of the face is normalSo, it should be recognized as a fact the asymmetry of the face,.. Nonequivalence ie its left and right halves, one of which is usually greater, and the other has, one above and one below. The reason for the asymmetry is in most cases disparity structural members of skull bones. In the face of a man gain asymmetry is due to the specificity of facial expressions (physiological asymmetry).

    There are scientific studies in which scientists revealThe following patterns of facial asymmetry. If one half of the face is higher and it is more narrow. In this case, the eyebrow is higher than the other, the wider part of the face, eye gap larger. Eye on the whole seems to facing upwards. The left half of the face is usually higher than the right. Many authors now believe that the right half of his face left larger, sharper acts, expresses masculinity. The left half of the overall softer reflects traits of femininity.

    The asymmetry of the face for a long time seen as a reflection oftotal body asymmetry. restoration attempts have been made to the person in the portrait at the exact half of the picture and its mirror image. The right and left half gave a different image. They do not coincide with the original version. Facial asymmetry, although superimposed on imbalances right and left halves of the facial skull, also has its own characteristics. It has been established that the nervous regulation of the right facial muscles richer, movements of the head and eyes to the right reproduced more readily. Even squinting right eye are more common.

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