Children's Cocktle and His «mask»


  • Signs of Cockles
  • Cockless and Parakoclus Differences
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  • Children's Cocktle and His & Laquo; Mask & Raquo;Children's Cocktle — severe infectious disease that is transmitted by air-droplet only by means of personal contact when an infected child is nearby, laughs, sneezes, and never happens through 3 faces, dishes or toys. Peeling children have a sustainable life immunity, in addition, vaccination plays a leading role in the prevention of the disease. However, do not forget how the children's infectious coulter is dangerous by serious complications, such as pneumonia, as well as the emergence of sustainable predisposition to other diseases, especially the upper respiratory tract.

    Signs of Cockles

    In the first stage, signs of infectious cough are most often manifested as influenza or ORVI, namely: cough, sneezing, redness of the throat, runny nose, deploying eyes. Passes only a few days and the signs of the cough is becoming more and more. The disease manifests everything brighter, the painful cough increases up to vomiting. During the attack, blood pressure increases, breathing is rapidly, the face blushes, well-being will deteriorate significantly. The severity of the disease at this time can be determined by the frequency of coughing attacks.

    Cockless and Parakoclus Differences

    The first signs of CocklesThese diseases practically do not differ from each other, only signs of acute infectious diseases of children's age are manifested. Cash attacks, angry respiratory center, have a toxic impact on the nervous system. The pathogens of these diseases are similar and very unstable in the external environment. It should be noted that the children were also sick and children were previously vaccinated.

    The disease proceeds much easier and complications in this case are not so dangerous as from the children's pertussis. Most often, the disease is manifested in the form of an erased or asymptomatic form, without clear clinical signs. Accurate diagnosis is possible only after a bacteriological study of the secret of the upper respiratory tract with the detection of pathogen and serological testing by definition in serum of specific immunoglobulins. This is how the differential diagnosis of cough and suspect. Both children and adults are subject to two-time bacteriological and serological surveys for epidemiological indications.

    Cocky Help: Popular Treatment

    Medical and non-traditional treatment, as well as regime and care — Here is the basis on which recovery and subsequent lifelong immunity. These three conditions suggest mandatory diet and vitamin therapy, when fresh, daily prepared food eliminates sour, sharp, salted. When in the room where the sick child is located, regular ventilation and moisturizing, when long-term walks in the fresh cool air, preferably in the morning at the river, become a prerequisite for regime and care.

    Cocktle disease, People's Treatment is effective?As additional therapy in the development of such an infection as a pertussus, a national treatment can act. Of course, first of all, it is phytotherapy, brazers and infusions made of herbs and berries, numerous recipes of which are known in Russia for centuries. Among the most efficient and useful, famous for their healing properties are highlighted berries of black, red currant and black-flow rowan, cranberries, hawthorn, rosehip. The use of various herbs capable of healing the child from cough was noted in former times when traditional medicine did not have the necessary set of medicines and drugs. The most popular among them should include raspberry, lime, onions and garlic, roots and rhizomes of nine and altea, grass thyme, chamber, violet fragrant, pine buds, plantain leaves and mother-and-stepmother. Many folk recipes are based not only on herbs, sometimes these are some products, long-known in everyday life, for example, sugar, milk, honey and even kerosene. The therapy of infant cough, of course, it is possible and necessary to accompany the techniques of folk treatment, but do not forget that this is a severe infectious disease that requires close attention of traditional medicine, and serious treatment tactics built by a pediatrician and infectious disease physician.

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