The theory of the three hearts: they do not grow old


Theory of three hearts

The theory of the three hearts: they do not grow oldThe theory of the three of hearts is simple: the nature of human life meted out to three periods, the so-called three hearts. Each period - about fifteen years.

The first heart is issued for a period of childhood. This is the heart of the most active, the most energy-intensive, allowing children to be permanent energizers. Thanks to this strong heart children are soaring like never learn quickly and learn the laws of the world.

By the beginning of puberty, the first heartgradually decays and dies to make room for the new, which will be responsible for the maturation process. Ideally, for the period of functioning of the heart man should stand up and become independent, get a partner and start a family, t. E. Have at least one child. At about twenty-five - thirty second heart also ceases to exist.

Nature is wise and laid in the life systemhuman need to help children grow. Therefore, to replace the second comes the third, the last heart. The term of its existence - the same about fifteen years. During this time, the offspring grows up and spends his first heart already. The main role played by parents.

living flame decay time

From the point of view of the nature around the age of fortya person must perform their basic life program. His further fate of the evolution of the interest is not enough: all the attention the younger individuals. However, ironically, the man has no idea that all of its core resources have been exhausted. He was accustomed to the fact that age crises always end with influx of new forces, thus a new heart. However, the fourth heart is not in stock.

Nature says this: usually at forty major professional and life goals are achieved, the children go out into an independent path, and parents can calmly and wisely to expect the inevitable death. Not so the person thinks. Some give birth to the second, third, or even the first child only to forty years and, of course, did not believe that they have left "to live out his life" in passivity.

Unfortunately, the nature of our aspirations andforty years of activity are completely indifferent. We are waiting for a new tide vain effort to put new big goals and behave like a young man. We are no longer considered a promising material. We have used for procreation and safely written off for scrap. In vain we expect to keep the youth and say that we have no time to grow old. Nature does not think so.

How not to grow old

Once age or not to ageWhen my mother realized that she was not more heartsgiven that she has spent almost three, she fell into despair. From the wise and contented himself woman she turned into a strange creature, frantically looking for ways to extend the life of the last heart. Botox injections and braces, solarium and luxury creams, diet for young and mini unimaginable. She honestly thought that by stopping the aging outside it will keep the interior of the third dying heart. Ah, and alas!

She survived a terrible midlife crisis. She was in the back whistled teens twenties (thanks, Mom kept excellent figure), but frightened, looking at her face. Because any creams and syringes can not hide seal age and experience, the look of a desperate woman.

And next to her her friend, her senior by a few years. Girlfriend - from those who are really no time to grow old. Rather, the contrary is when aging. A friend does not have my mother's physique, it is quite bulky and pants, climbing to the third floor. But the relationship is in no hurry to stop time, not after a third heart, is still inevitably perish. A friend takes your age and the inevitable changes in the body, reducing the possibilities. A friend has no idea how to get old, and ... does not get old. More precisely, aging beautifully. A mother with each new week of losing six months of life. One takes your age, the other fights with him. One gets through the adoption of new energy for life, the other is wasted even what is left of the third heart.

When a woman leaves the market bride to her natureordered to stop trading and peacefully enjoy life. Bargaining over time, clinging to the bazaar gate, it looks pathetic and vulgar. While agreeing that the time take its course, it preserves dignity.

The same applies to men. Only men do not go under the knife, and had an affair with young. It's like having sex with a young virgin will infuse in them the forces that are irrevocably lost. As if the third heart will rise again and be able to serve new fifteen years. Sadly, three hearts - that is all what we have. And if we do, we should not want to look ridiculous and comical agree: the world is changing, we are changing. And sometimes not as we would like.

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