Cleaning the liver: tyubazh at home


  • Tyubazh at home: reading
  • Tyubazh liver: contraindications
  • Tyubazh at home: the procedure
  • The result of probing the liver at home

  • Cleaning the liver: tyubazh at homeThe severity and the dull ache with right upper quadrant, belching and bitterness
    in the mouth - these are the first symptoms of liver trouble, and they can not be underestimated.
    The liver is a multifunctional organ involved in digestion,
    blood formation, metabolism, but its most important function is to purify
    the body of harmful substances. Improper diet, alcohol consumption,
    constant stress, uncontrolled medication peretruzhdaetsya
    and "clog up" the liver, it is becoming increasingly difficult to cope with their functions.
    Harmful substances accumulate over the years and are deposited in the bile ducts, change
    chemical composition of bile and impede its removal. Stagnation of bile leads to
    the formation of stones, damage to the liver cells and the development of hepatitis,
    cholecystitis and even cirrhosis.

    To prevent the development of gallstones and
    facilitate the work of the liver in the first place need to release it from the stagnant
    bile, and for that traditional medicine uses the probe and tubeless
    tyubazh. tubeless tyubazh possible and at homeIt does not require
    assistance and that it provides a continuing interest in this

    Tyubazh at home: reading

    • Reduced
      the tone of the gallbladder and biliary dyskinesia.
    • Cholecystitis
      (No stones).
    • purification
      liver after birth.
    • condition
      after removal of the gallbladder.
    • Constipation.
    • Obesity.
    • Allergy.
    • skin
    • infringement
      menstrual function.
    • Binge eating.

    Tyubazh liver: contraindications

    • Availability
      stones in the gall bladder and bile ducts - absolute contraindication for
      of of probing at home.
      Cleaning the liver is accompanied by increased motor function of the gall bladder,
      which can cause movement of stones and blockage of the bile duct, always
      leading the patient on the operating table. Before you decide to clean
      liver should undergo ultrasound and make sure there are no rocks. After cleaning through
      2-3 days is recommended to make the US again to assess the condition of the liver and
      biliary tract.
    • Ulcers
      gastric and duodenal ulcer disease. Bile, which will pour into an empty
      digestive tract, it will annoy "sick" and will cause the mucous
      acute pain and aggravation of the disease.

    Tyubazh at home: the procedure

    1. Select
      time. Doctors recommend preventative comprehensive cleansing of the liver, composed
      3-4 of the procedures carried out in a month. Treatment tyubazh for output of bile performed 2-3 days 6-8 procedures.
    2. For of probing with mineral water must be
      use water medium or low salinity, for example, "Borjomi"
      "Smirnoff". In the evening, uncorking 0.5-liter bottle of water to be removed from it
      gas, water in the morning to warm up to 40-45 0.
    3. Fasting for 1-1.5 hours before breakfast drink 2-3
      a sip of water and lie down on the back or the right side, putting a towel wrapped
      a heating pad on the liver area and right hypochondrium. Mineral water helps
      dilution of bile and its excretion, and the heat relieves spasm of the biliary tract,
      bile facilitates current and eliminates pain. After 5 minutes, get up and perform breathing exercises: inhale deeply and exhale slowly, squeeze hands
      lower parts of the chest. Make 2-3 small sips
      mineral water and lie down again for 5 minutes with a hot-water bottle. Repeat all over again
      several times, using the entire volume of water. Typically, the procedure takes 1-1.5
    4. Feel
      while cleansing the liver: the ability to easily heaviness in the right hypochondrium.
      The effectiveness of probing for output of bile
      indicates the emergence of several liquefied painted in bile
      greenish stools. If there is no urgency to defecate during the day
      recommended enema.
    5. appearance
      acute pain in the right upper quadrant and epigastric region, nausea, vomiting -
      indications for the immediate cessation of the procedure.
    6. To re of probing mineral water mixed with cholagogue, for example, Carlsbad salt (1.3 hr. l.
      a glass of water) or sorbitol (2 pellets per cup of water).

    The result of probing the liver at home
    conditions of

    After of probing mineral
    It notes the disappearance of gravity in the liver, not worried
    belching, bitter taste in the mouth, getting better digestion, stop constipation, women
    celebrate the restoration of the menstrual cycle. Calms down and allergy
    skin diseases, is actively weight loss in obesity, increased

    In order to permanently preserve the striking result that
    It gives tyubazh at home,
    should review the eating habits, self-exclude, the use of

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