Folk remedies for kidney stones


  • Featured in urolithiasis diuretic herbs

  • Folk remedies for kidney stonesAll methods of treatment of urolithiasis can bedivided into conservative and operative, and the first are basic, and they almost always disease therapy begins. Small stones, do not violate the current urine and the kidneys, not provoking a urinary tract infection, it can go on their own, and surgery is not shown here. In this case, the treatment is reduced to the use of diuretics, antispasmodic drugs, procedures to facilitate the passage of calculi and diet that would prevent the formation of new stones.

    Folk remedies used in kidney stonedisease, effectively complement the conventional therapy. Most often, they are assigned based on a diuretic anti-inflammatory effect, is harmoniously combined with the treatment of urolithiasis water and antispasmodic drugs.

    In folk medicine since ancient times urolithiasistreated with herbs. Avicenna used the diuretic herbs in urolithiasis to remove stones and alleviate the suffering of patients with renal colic. Biologically active agents contained in herbs, have a soft, gentle action causing almost no side effects of the chemical agents.

    As a folk remedy for kidney stonesdisease usually used decoctions and infusions of plants, herbs or certain fees, drawn up so as to mutually enhance the action of the components. Decoctions and infusions is recommended to take 10-15 ml 3 times a day before meals for a few months, be sure to complement this treatment of urolithiasis water use of at least 2 liters per day. Every two weeks, charges me to did not develop addictive.

    Periodically "Water blow" or may be usedone-stage drinking large amounts of water (0.5 to 1 liter), in combination with a diuretic effect herbal treatment of urolithiasis water contributes to simultaneously cleanse the kidneys from salt crystals and small stones. Instead of water, you can use a decoction of rose hips, dried fruits, tea with lemon, milk and beer even better hot.

    Featured in urolithiasis diuretic herbs

    Folk remedies for kidney stonesat phosphate and carbonate rocks better use of madder dye, parsley, cranberries, rue, St. John's wort, bearberry, burdock.

    at urate stones Traditional medicine offers a treat urolithiasis leaves of strawberries, cranberries, birch, dill, parsley and horsetail.

    to dissolve oxalate stones need knotweed, horsetail, fennel, strawberry, peppermint, corn silk, golden rod.

    Get rid of oxalate, uric acid stones will help, along with water, the treatment of urolithiasis in the following extract:

    flax seed, one teaspoon, is necessary to fill200 ml of water at room temperature and infuse for 3 hours. The resulting infusion is taken in the amount of 50-200 ml twice a day, morning and evening for 2-3 weeks.

    Collection of Iordanova - it is more treasuretraditional therapy, although the origins gave him exactly traditional medicine. Urolithiasis, accompanied by the release of stones mixed composition, is treated with a mixture of herbs, received in the form of broth at 30-50 ml 2-3 times a day.

    Nettle leaves - 20 grams, Calamus rhizome - 15 g,
    Peppermint - 10 g,
    Horsetail - 15 g,
    Sambucus nigra - 10 g,
    The fruit of juniper - 15 g
    Hips - '15

    Recipes diuretic herbs charges on stonethe disease can be found in any book. But we must remember that one folk remedy for kidney stone disease is often not enough. To facilitate the passage of stones and prevent renal colic need to eliminate the spasm of the urinary tract, and this requires additional measures.

    • A warm bath (+ 40-41 ° C).
    • Warmer in the lumbar region.
    • Paraffin applications.
    • The use of antispasmodic agents, for example,Baralgin, Hom-pa, Halidorum, Avisan, Cystenalum. These medicines are stronger and more effective as antispasmodics and analgesics in urolithiasis than diuretic herbs.

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