Pyelonephritis and pregnancy


  • Pyelonephritis in pregnancy
  • Treatment of pyelonephritis during pregnancy

  • Pyelonephritis in pregnancy

    Many women (in my experience often
    young, under 25 years) when registering are already behind the diagnosis:
    chronic pyelonephritis. I would not like to seem prudish, but pants with
    low-slung, open the navel and short skirts all year round
    play in this case is not the last violin.

    Pyelonephritis and pregnancyThe fact that the exposure occurs under hormonal factors
    expansion of the urinary tract, and, simultaneously with a decrease of the contractile
    function of the ureters, created favorable conditions for stagnation of urine and its
    infection. Another point is that in the second
    half of pregnancy the uterus is rejected and has an impact on the region
    right kidney. Apparently, this explains the high frequency of
    occurrence of pyelonephritis right.

    Penetration of the urinary tract infections can occur both from
    bladder and intestines from (especially in the presence of constipation).
    However, not all pregnant women develop the disease, and
    only under the condition of weak immunity.

    Classic, acute pyelonephritis during a rise in temperature,
    pain during urination, general malaise in my practice
    uncommon. Generally women feel is good,
    temperature is normal, and gave a urine disease.

    By the way, in order to avoid unnecessary hassle, you need to follow
    few simple rules urine collection: just before the "process"
    make toilet of external genitals, collect the middle portion
    urine in a clean container, close the entrance of the vagina with a cotton swab. These
    measures will help to ensure that the test result will be as

    Treatment of pyelonephritis during pregnancy

    To help your body fight the infection faster,
    you need to make adjustments to your diet. Try to eliminate
    acute and smoked dishes, pickled products, canned food. For some
    time will have to give up salt, tea and coffee, beans,
    cabbage, sorrel and spinach. These products are irritating or urinary tract
    cause flatulence and bloating. Preference
    given porridge and milk products, meat and fish used in boiled
    form. It is also useful and fluid intake (about 2 liters), of course,
    in the absence of contraindications.

    It has long been proven to be effective and has never let us down
    drinks from cranberries and cranberries. They can be alternated with bearberry and
    kidney tea, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. besides
    antimicrobial, these concoctions of herbs and have a diuretic
    action, that is to help bring the swelling, if any. Successfully
    applied in practice such products as "Phytolysinum" and "kanefron".

    such "exercises" you can do to improve the flow of urine: 2-3
    times a day to take the knee-elbow position, so-called position
    "Kitty", about 5-7 minutes. And also it is recommended to lie in
    bed on the side opposite to the sick kidney.

    doctor always remember if required antibiotic therapy for
    your "position" and prescribe medication, the most effective and
    safe, given the course of the disease and pregnancy.

    Dear ladies, do not be lazy to pass urine as often as required, and then follow the doctor's recommendations!

    Because when the body is suffering mothers, bad and your child!

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