Clean blood vessels, or what is bad cholesterol?


  • It's all about density
  • Strong weaker sex
  • What is there to analyze?
  • Higher weight - higher risk
  • Useful fiber
  • Fats are good, but in moderation

    Generally cholesterol - is very necessary for our bodysubstance. It is a part of cell membranes and is actively involved in the synthesis of hormones. At the same time, hypercholesterolaemia (ie, the excess of cholesterol in the blood), which for the time being does not manifest itself - a sure way to atherosclerosis. It can be compared to radiation, the effect of which on the body almost imperceptibly, but it leads to disastrous consequences.

    Clean blood vessels, or what is bad cholesterol?It's all about density

    At one time it was fashionable to be interested - but OKwhether blood cholesterol? In this case only the mean total cholesterol, though it is not in itself, and in the mechanism of transport of cholesterol in blood vessel walls. Cholesterol travels in the blood only in the so-called transport forms - lipoprotein complex complexes composed of lipids and proteins.

    There are several types of lipoproteins. Two of them - the low and high density - are critical to the health of our blood vessels, they are in the ground and the forecast for the development of atherosclerosis depends. High density lipoproteins (HDL) prevent the development of atherosclerosis, but the low-density lipoprotein (LDL), in contrast, promote the deposition of cholesterol in the vessel walls.

    Strong weaker sex

    Thus, an accurate forecast can be given onlyThe qualitative composition of total cholesterol. For example, fewer heart attacks and strokes in women until menopause, compared with men of the same age, due to the fact that they have a higher concentration of HDL. This order of things provide female sex hormones - estrogens.

    flying over Cuckoo's NestWomen more easily than men, supportgood state of the cardiovascular system, in spite of the risk factors. But menopause, as well as an additional intake of hormones (eg, birth control pills) may upset the balance. Bad habits aggravate the situation. Therefore, women are catching up after 50 men, finding them equal chances of developing atherosclerosis.

    What is there to analyze?

    Find out how much your blood vessels are at risk, it allows lipidogram. Finding your way in it will help you to the table below:

    Total cholesterol, mg

    HDL cholesterol, mg

    LDL, mg


    less than 200

    more than 60

    less than 130


    more than 240

    less than 35

    more than 160

    Higher weight - higher risk

    There is another factor that can not bediscounted when talking about atherosclerosis. Numerous studies have confirmed that the more weight - the higher the level of total cholesterol and its most dangerous low density fractions.

    Excessive caloric food accelerates impregnationfats vessels. Without going into details, we can say that with a decrease in caloric intake enough to start losing weight, and begins the process of lowering total cholesterol and harmful fractions. Most often, after a decrease of body weight according to height, age and sex and normal cholesterol levels.

    flying over Cuckoo's NestUseful fiber

    As a means of normalizing the level ofcholesterol, or may be called edible vegetable fibers. The greatest positive effect is given the so-called "guar gum" contained in legumes and oatmeal, and pectin from apples and citrus pulp. Folk wisdom "eat an apple a day - will live to old age without disease" and the habit of oatmeal in the morning - not bad, and most importantly - the scientific backed guarantee against atherosclerosis.

    A small number of heart attacks and strokes amongAsians - a consequence of their love for the well-known legumes - soybeans. Note that the vegetable fibers (also called bulking agents) are involved in the binding and elimination of certain toxic substances (including heavy metals) and stimulate the bowels.

    Fats are good, but in moderation

    How to build a diet to avoidhypercholesterolemia? Try to give up anything that raises the level of LDL "bad". This animal fats, including milk. However, the complete rejection of animal fats (vegetarianism) Lowers the charge of good HDL cholesterolthe condition of the vessel walls. Therefore it is better to stick to a mixed diet, combining animal and vegetable fats. Contrary to popular belief, coffee and tea does not affect the concentration of fat in the blood. Red wine in small doses is beneficial to the blood vessels.

    Physical activity is undoubtedly helps the body keep the cholesterol rate in the blood. Results of physical activity become apparent within six months.

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