How to switch to a vegetarian diet

Among the many diets and food systems overall copies broken about vegetarianism. Supporters and opponents argue a lot of years and can not reach a compromise. Multiply the research and evidence as the one or the other point of view, and our site offers together to understand the intricacies of vegetarian food system.

Among the many diets and food systems overall copies broken about vegetarianism. Supporters and opponents of the power supply system has a lot of years of debate and can not reach a compromise. Multiply the research and evidence as the one or the other point of view, and our site offers together to understand the intricacies of vegetarian food system.

What is vegetarianism

Vegetarianism - a system of power, which implies full or partial rejection of the use of animal food
First of all, you need to understand what isVegetarian food system. To begin with, it is not new-fangled diet for weight loss and health improvement, and the system goes back thousands of years of history. Vegetarianism - a system of power, which implies full or partial rejection of the use of animal food.

The very word "vegetarianism" was coinedthe British and some scholars believe that the term came from the Latin word vegetus, which means “strong”, “peppy”, “full of strength”. In 1842, members of the British Vegetarian Society, convinced of the undoubted benefits of a plant-based diet in India, and propagandizing it at home, introduced the term Homo Vegetus, meaning a harmoniously developed personality. Initially, a “vegetarian” was a rather philosophical concept and only then began to indicate a commitment to a plant diet.

Vegetarianism - it's not just a set of rulesfood, but also a vital position. People who adhere to it, at all times opposed the killing of animals, feeling their involvement in the world around them. Therefore, there is nothing unusual in the fact that Buddhists adhere to vegetarianism, try not to kill even an insect, because it will fall heavily on the killer karma. Vedic culture has always called for a plant-based diet, preaching and living in harmony with the environment and not the destruction of the animals. In ancient Egypt, the priests did not eat the flesh of animals, because it interfered with "magical" abilities, vegetarians were the ancient Greeks and early Christians.

In the holy books of many nations can be foundindications of the preference for plant foods. They are in the Bible, in the Book of Genesis, where it is said: “And God said: behold, I have given you all the grass that sows the seed that is on the whole earth, and every tree that has the fruit of the tree that sows the seed: this will be in you food. " The Qur'an also has advice “... not to make your stomachs graves for animals”

Varieties of vegetarianism

Vegans refuse to use not only meat and fish, but also from eggs (it's actually a chicken embryo) and dairy products
So, vegetarians do not eat animal products. But different types of vegetarianism called a different set of products excluded from the diet.

Thus, vegans refuse to use not only meat and fish, but also from eggs (it's actually a chicken embryo) and from dairy products. Sometimes called vegans vegans.

If vegans are focused onconsumption of fruits, vegetables and nuts, they are called a fruitarian, and if priority products in the diet are grains, such that vegans attributed to followers of macrobiotics.

Laktovegetariantsy permit use in food products and dairy butter and laktoovovegetariantsy include eggs in their diet.

What is useful vegetarian diet?

Plant foods, which is the basis of the diet, rich in vitamins C and E, potassium, magnesium, and beta-carotene, which greatly increases the body's immunity
For people who choose vegetarianism for ethicaland religious reasons, this question does not arise. But for people who have chosen this diet for health or economic indicators, as well as to doubt its feasibility of such a question is very relevant.

Plant food, which forms the basisdiet, rich in vitamins C and P, potassium, magnesium and beta-carotene, which significantly increases the body's immunity. Plant fibers help to eliminate harmful substances from the intestines, and also contain volatile, which suppress putrefactive bacteria. In addition to the fact that plant foods do not have cholesterol, eating nuts helps to reduce the level of accumulated in the body. Eating also contributes to this. barley and oats. Thanks to these valuable properties of plant foods, vegetarian diet allows you to lose weight, protect the organism from atherosclerosis, cancer, and a number of cardiovascular diseases and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

Now genetics scientists defendedvegetarianism. They argue that for a full life in their food a person should avoid genetically similar products. In humans and mammals biochemical processes largely the same, the same and more than 85% of the genes. Therefore, geneticists approval, you can eat those species that are remote from human multiple evolutionary ladder.

Cons vegetarian food system

The downside is the lack of vegetarianism some necessary body substances
If the rejection of animal food were found alonesolid pros, then why not bump into unbridled veganism? The fact is that no matter how useful was for the body only plant foods, in strict vegetarianism has its negative side. And it's not in the sense of taste, and in the lack of certain essential substances, such as vitamins B12 and D.

Vitamin B12 is not synthesized by the human body,and its deficiency leads to disruption of cell division and processes of destruction of nerve fibers. In a lot of this vitamin found in such prohibited vegetarian foods like meat, kidney, seafood (especially a lot of it in oysters and crabs). Its deficiency can partially compensate for the consumption of cheese, and is particularly rich in this vitamin Camembert, and low-fat milk.

Lack of vitamin D in children may result inrickets in adults begin brittle hair and other unpleasant symptoms. In plant foods, this vitamin is absent, it is contained in fish oil, and liver of marine fishes. Also, a lot of it in butter, which allow the use of non-vegan and whole milk, fresh eggs. The human body can produce on their own and vitamin D, as you know, it is formed in the skin by the action of ultraviolet light. So the lack of this vitamin can be filled almost completely. However, under certain conditions. The largest amount of vitamin D is synthesized in finding the sun in the morning and evening hours, especially in people with fair skin. Development of vitamin decreases with aging, as well as in terms of air pollution emissions, which is important for the residents of industrial cities.

Another important vitamin B group, namely,B2, otherwise known as riboflavin, there is little in vegetables and fruits. Its deficiency leads to weakness, dizziness, all sorts of mucosal lesions. Riboflavin is found in liver, kidney, eggs, milk. This vitamin is synthesized in small quantities of human intestine. Laktoovovegetariantsy lactose and milk produced riboflavin. Vegans can obtain this vitamin to include in your diet buckwheat or oats, mushrooms, and further, if necessary, to take vitamin complexes. In addition, also possible to dispense from bread yeast, as yeast contained in the dough, which can suppress the production of vitamin B2 intestine.

Vegetarian food is poor in calcium and iron,there is small and iodine. The content of these trace elements in plants depends on the soil in which they grow, and therefore may contain a sufficient amount of calcium, iron and iodine, and does not contain.

Vegetarian food is poor in calcium and iron, and there is low iodine content
Calcium is contained in large amounts in cabbage, dried fruit and dairy products, which are also a source of iodine, albeit in small quantities.

To avoid iodine deficiency are vegetarians,eating seaweed, mushrooms, broccoli, spinach, iodized salt. Our website informs that excessive consumption of soybeans and products from it leads to a decrease in private generation of iodine in the body, and as a result almost two-digital increase in demand for this trace.

Iron gets into our body with meatFood, especially a lot of it in the liver. However, you can make up for a lack of iron, consuming dried fruits, buckwheat, lentils, beans. It contains iron and dark chocolate, albeit in small quantities.

One of the most effective means of increasing the hemoglobinconsidered the following recipe: roasted buckwheat in a coffee grinder to grind into a powder. Taking it a tablespoon plus a teaspoon of honey at each meal.

Protein promotes growth and healing of wounds,enhance immunity. It is found in legumes, which have to eat all the vegetarians, because its composition it is closest to the animal protein.

Vitamin C is found in virtually all fruits andmany vegetables, especially rich in them rose, black currant, and red vegetables such as bell peppers, tomatoes. But in order to more fully absorbed by the body, products that contain this vitamin, should be included in the daily diet, is not subjected to heat treatment.

Fats, vitamins required for transporting,hormone production, and many other things, vegetarian body gets from plant oils, avocados, nuts. Oils are now many varieties, each one in its own way useful. Therefore it is better if your kitchen is, and olive and sunflower, and corn, and other kinds of oils.

How to switch to a vegetarian diet?

How to switch to a vegetarian diet
And yet, the question to be or not to be a vegetarian,everyone must decide for himself. But it is strongly recommended that you should. Based vyshenapisannogo seen that strict vegetarian adults only shown in combination with the intense and constant use of balanced vitamin complexes. For children and as a healthy diet is preferable, and lactose laktoovovegetarianstvo. And in this case, children need medical help to choose an individual set of vitamins and minerals. The same applies to the future mothers diet, health disadvantages which are plant-based diet can affect particularly noticeable.

This right to hold our ancestors in almost all cultures. Christians and Muslims fasting removes the requirement for the sick, travelers and for expectant mothers.

People who chose a vegetarian diet forSlimming, our site encourages wait for the warm season, because in this case, the metabolism is activated, and a variety of vegetables and fruits will help easier and faster to get used to the new diet. And if you feel better, eating in such a way that the cold seasons body reconstructed enough to comply with a vegetarian diet all year round.

Becoming a vegetarian doesn’t mean giving up delicious dishes.

For example, the classical Indian vegetable curry. Onions and garlic fry in vegetable oil. Add curry powder, boil for some 3 minutes on low heat and add the peeled, finely chopped tomatoes or tomato paste. Put in the same dish of sliced ​​green pods of green beans and cook until soft all the bean. Add a little water if the sauce is too thick, and lay the vegetables shelled and chopped potatoes. Simmer until tender, finished dish sprinkle with lemon juice.

Vegetarian cuisine is diverse, its dishestasty and healthy, and any dish can be easily transformed to the new, plant-based diet with shred of imagination. If you do not cook soup in meat broth and vegetables will be for him saute in vegetable oil, then you not only get a delicious and fragrant dish, but will keep all the requirements of a vegetarian diet.

Similarly, we can proceed with pilaf(Illustrated recipe pilaf our site already offered to your attention earlier). Prepare pilaf as indicated in the recipe, but instead of chicken pilaf put in dried apricots and prunes. Ready vegetarian sweet pilaf sprinkle almonds or cashews. You will receive a hearty and unusual dish, which will not give the best vegan.

Become a vegetarian - it does not meanrefuse tasty dishes. Vegetarian cuisine is diverse, its dishes are tasty and useful, and any dish can be easily transformed to the new, plant-based diet with shred of imagination.
Meat and fish can be replaced almost alwayssoy, legumes, and depending on the dish and potatoes, mushrooms, and even eggplant. Taste, of course, will be somewhat different from the traditional dishes, but it can always be corrected with the help of spices and seasonings.

His replacement balls are a few products. When it comes to the preparation of dishes such as soups and salads, eggs can be used instead of potatoes, avocados. If it is necessary to prepare the dough, as a substitute for generally used in transformed soybean or mashed bananas.

Vegetable margarine, peanut and coconutoil in a vegetarian diet perfectly replace butter. In addition, these products contain a sufficient amount of fat needed for good nutrition. As already mentioned, fats are also found in sunflower, olive and other oils.

Instead of animal milk can be used as the soy milk, coconut, sometimes plain water.

Determined to change his life and become a vegetarian,adhering to the plant-based diet, remember that this is only a step towards a new, more peaceful life. After all, vegetarianism is also a philosophy of life. With this in mind, you will not only improve your body, but also to fill a new light on his life, to experience the beauty and harmony of the world.

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