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  • How to live with Asperger Syndrome
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  • How to live with Asperger Syndrome

    Almost 1/3 patients with Asperger syndrome are capable of performing
    «Normal» work and live yourself, although usually can not
    To carry out both. The most capable - 5% of the total
    patients - in many cases it is impossible to distinguish from normal people, but
    Adaptation problems can be detected with neuropsychological

    Asperger's syndrome usually leads to problems in normal
    Social interactions with peers. These problems can be
    Very serious, especially in childhood and youth; Children with syndrome
    Asperger is often victims of Zadira, offenders and hooligans at school
    due to their specific behavior, speech and interests, and because of their weak,
    or still undeveloped ability to perceive, and adequately and
    socially permissible to respond to nonsense, especially in situations
    Interpersonal conflict. Child or teenager with syndrome
    Asperger is often puzzled by the source of such bad circulation, not
    Understanding what was done «not properly» («Not according to the rules», «not by
    Concepts»). Social rejection Asperger's children with syndrome can reach such an extent that they create Imagined friends
    for the company (although it is, of course, not a special feature of Asperger's syndrome;
    A non-soldering child can do the same). Even B
    life, many people with Asperger syndrome complain about the feeling that they
    involuntarily become disconnected from the surrounding world.

    Odar disease
    Children with Asperger syndrome often demonstrate advanced for them
    age ability in language, reading, mathematics, spatial
    thinking, music, sometimes reaching «Gifted»; However, as
    It was noted above, it can be balanced by noticeable delays in
    Development in other areas. These features, in sum, can create problems
    for teachers and other persons with prestige or endowed
    Power. Here may have the meaning that one of the social
    agreements that most people with Asperger's syndrome ignore are respect for authorities. Ettwood notices their tendency to feel,
    that with all people it is necessary to appeal equally, despite their position
    in society; A student with Asperger syndrome may not show respect,
    until it decides that it was earned. Such attitude many teachers
    either do not understand or make a strong exception for him. Like I
    majority Gifted deTto her,
    A child with Asperger syndrome can be considered teachers «Problem»
    or «no sense». Extremely low tolerance and motivation of the child to
    what he perceives as monotonous and unpretentious tasks
    (like a typical homework), can easily disappoint; teacher
    may even count the child arrogant, malicious and naughty. BUT
    At this time, the child silently sits at the desk, feeling frustrated and
    unfairly offended, and often not knowing how to express these feelings.

    Asperger's syndrome does not dry out a person for an unhappy life.
    Intensive concentration and tendency to logically solve problems,
    characteristic asperger syndrome, often give people with high syndrome
    The level of abilities in their field of interest. When these special interests
    coincide with a material or socially useful task, individuals with
    Asperger syndrome can often live in prosperity. Baby boy, passionate
    navigating architecture, can grow and become successful
    Ship carpenter.

    On the other hand, many people with Asperger syndrome can too much
    acutely to experience violation of their daily rituals or the impossibility
    express oneself. For example, baby with Asperger Syndrome
    may be a gifted writer for his age and will be with
    I am pleased to work on your stories during the lessons. And teacher
    may insist that the student, instead, was attentive to the lesson
    or worked on the homework. Non-autistic child
    In such conditions, it may be a little upset, but most likely
    Listen to the teacher. For a child with Asperger syndrome, on the other
    Parties, this test can be extremely traumatic, and the reaction -
    Mind teachers and other children in class: usually closing
    The child suddenly is angry or disappears disproportionately. Criticism
    actions of a child at this moment (for example, as immature or
    disrespectful) can strongly damage self-esteem
    child, which is so rather fragile.

    Although many people with Asperger syndrome do not reach in their lives
    what is usually considered «Success in society» And many of them all
    Life remains lonely, they may well meet an understanding of others
    people and establish close relationships with them. Many autistic people
    There are children, and these children may not be autistic syndrome
    spectrum. Also, many people with Asperger syndrome notice their
    Difficulties and try to adapt to life among people without syndrome,
    Even if they never heard the term in life «Asperger Syndrome» or
    believe that he does not apply to them. A child with Asperger syndrome can
    With the help of training and self-discipline become an adult, which, though
    suffers from Asperger's syndrome, it is capable of socially socially
    interact with others. However, due to slow social
    development people with Asperger syndrome can sometimes feel
    most comfortable with people who are a little younger than them.

    Family support

    Partners and family members of people with Asperger syndrome are often more susceptible Depression,
    than the population on average, because people with Asperger syndrome can not
    spontaneously express sympathy, and can be very literal; with them
    can be difficult to emotionally communicate. However, the fact that they are not
    show sympathy (or, at least, do not make it familiar
    in the way) does not mean at all that he or she does not feel her.
    Understanding this can afford a partner not to feel
    rejected. There are ways to circumvent these problems, for example, not
    hiding their needs. For example, describing emotions, you should talk
    straight and avoid fuzzy expressions, like «disappointed», When emotion
    more accurately described as «evil». Very often the most
    Effective simply state in understandable, which is
    the problem and ask the partner with Asperger's syndrome about his emotions and
    Causes of concrete emotion. Very helpful if a family member or partner
    Read as much as possible as Usperger syndrome and about others
    associated disorders (such as those mentioned in this

    One of the main problems of people with Asperger's syndrome is that
    surrounding do not understand their features, and explain them
    «Abnormality», «Escape» or «Lazy». The problem is that from
    they are expected to be the same standards and behaviors as from most people,
    and the people of the autistic spectrum themselves often place inadequate
    requirements. It is important to understand that a person can be talented and successful in
    one, and noncompeatient in the other, even if it is another such simple
    thing as a conversation by phone or just a secular conversation. However, that
    It is important to understand with respect to all people - we exaggerate our similarity and
    often do not notice or discriminate people with differences and it
    applies not only to Asperger's syndrome.

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