Hop on a plane is dangerous development of thrombosis! How to protect yourself from the negative influence of height?


Hop on a plane is dangerous development of thrombosis! How to protect yourself from the negative influence of height?In this age of
a constant lack of time, people are always trying to save him. Few go
foot, preferring cars or public transportation. Before the journey
from city to city within a few days, it is now a matter of hours. Now,
to be in the most remote part of the world, enough to get on a plane,
spend a few hours, and you at your destination!

And let
remember your feelings after the flight ...

leg discomfort from a long and uncomfortable position of the body in the chair
aircraft, shoes that suddenly became "close."

few people think that the frequent flights, especially on long distance,
They can be very dangerous to our health.

It is important to know that long to find
in an inactive state during travel increases the risk of thrombosis in 2
times. And every 2 hours of flight to increase the risk of blood clots in the

Even with
middle of the last century, the medical community has been regarded venous
thromboembolic events (blood clots in blood vessels) as a potential complication
travel long distances by air or land.

In 2001
, the medical journal «The Lancet» published statistics that 1 million cases
Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) of with air travelThey occur in the United States
every year, and that 100,000 of these cases result in of death!

modern world, usually air passengers do not use drugs
means to protect the lower limbs associated with air travel, often do not even
aware of this need. But official statistics show that about 2
million passengers need such protection.

flight on lower limb veins affect low concentration of oxygen,
low humidity and low partial pressure of which increases
blood viscosity and increases the risk of deep vein thrombosis of the system
lower extremities, which may lead to pulmonary embolism
(Pulmonary embolism).

The main
thrombosis risk factors include - chronic venous insufficiency, Prolonged immobilization, and frequent
air travel lasting more than 4 hours.

Some ways to help prevent the development of blood stasis in the veins of the legs.
These include physical activity during the flight, the use of
a sufficient amount of liquid (water)
avoiding alcohol, sleeping pills and sedatives, restriction
receiving antihypertensives. Wearing in
flight track and do not hesitate to clothes and shoes, and motion compression underwear.

Of course,
to carry out all these tips correctly and this will help reduce those nasty
feeling that we get after a long flight. And you can go to
the protection of their veins professional!

Hop on a plane is dangerous development of thrombosis! How to protect yourself from the negative influence of height?

For this
innovative drug has been developed Trombovazim®2

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there are
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