Leaves of red grapes for healthy blood vessels


Leaves of red grapes for healthy blood vesselsIt so happened that one day the French physiciansThey were puzzled by the fact that the planters relatively rarely complain of vein disease. Intrigued by this phenomenon, the researchers discovered that farmers often make tinctures and poultices from vine leaves to take care of his heavy, aching legs after long hours of work. This method of treating a home was quite common in some Mediterranean regions unexpectedly successful1.

It has long been discussed in medical circles themered wine good. It is widely believed that red wine in small amounts is the secret of a long and active life. But - to the source of the health of veins were grape leaves?

Meanwhile, pharmacists analyzed the chemicalthe composition of the active ingredients of red vine leaves. They had found an effective set of elements containing a significant amount of antioxidants, known as the Flavian.

This pure herbal extract is the base line of products Antistax® from tired legs, to improve blood circulation andreducing edema. Flavio has been clinically tested as a support tool which improves venous blood circulation and greatly reduces pain and swelling. He has shown a positive effect in improving the elasticity and seal the vein walls. Provide accurate recommendations: how and what it leaves contain the maximum number of active elements, they should be collected and how processed. Leaves of red grapes carefully washed and dried, and then pass a special procedure extracts drug complex Flavia. All this testifies to the fact that the basis for the preparation Antistax® It is essentially the unique manufacturing process of the active substance. Incidentally, two capsules Antistax® It contains as much Flavio, how much is contained in three bottles of red wine. This is good news for your feet and a guaranteed no hangover the next morning.

But let's talk about the reasons for the effectiveness of Antistax®.

Venous blood surging in both legs, and around theIt provides the body rhythmically beating heart, muscle and elastic elastic vessels. It is known - to maintain good blood circulation, it is necessary to eat a balanced, use a large amount of fiber, fresh fruits and vegetables. Most of these products contain a significant amount of flavonoids. They help the blood vessels and veins fully carry out its functions.

Flavonoids contribute in humansNitric oxide, which is very important for the blood vessels, nerve tissue, and to maintain immunity. In 1998, Louis Ignar, Ferid Myured and Robert Fёrchgott Nobel Prize was awarded in Physiology or Medicine "for his discovery of the role of nitric oxide as a signaling molecule in the regulation of the cardiovascular system." As a result of research, in particular, it was found that nitric oxide2:

  • regulates blood pressure;
  • It regulates blood flow in various organs and tissues;
  • prevent the invasion of pathogenic bacteria;
  • activates the activity of nerve cells.

Many flavonoids have a P-vitaminactivity, reduce capillary fragility, increase the effect of ascorbic acid. In recent years, there have been reports of antitumor action of flavonoids. However, products containing pure flavonoids, while a bit. Forms containing flavonoids may be extracts from plant material or flavonoid complexes isolated in pure form. These include a basic means for Antistax® Flavio complex.

Antistax® It helps to keep veins healthy. It comes in the form of small red capsules each contain an extract of red vine leaves. For external use produced Antistaks® Antistaks® gel and spray with a pleasant smell. External means must be used in conjunction with the capsules. Antistax® - It will help avoid the feeling of pain, heaviness and fatigue in the legs, which are often found in people engaged in sedentary or standing work.

It should be added that the greatest healingAntistaks® action provides in conjunction with a balanced diet and active lifestyle. For full effect it is recommended to take two capsules Antistaksa® every day for twelve weeks.

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There are contraindications. Carefully read the instructions before use.

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