Treatment of systemic vasculitis


  • Principles of treatment of systemic vasculitis
  • On the treatment of systemic vasculitis

  • Principles of treatment of systemic vasculitis

    Prediction of systemic vasculitis in the historicalthe period of time when the disease was first described (XIX century - first half of XX century), was extremely poor - almost all ill died during the first year or 2-3 years. Current nodular polyarteritis, cryoglobulinemic vasculitis, Wegener's granulomatosis, microscopic polyangiitis, and today often creates a real threat of death.

    The main goal of treatment of patients with systemicvasculitis - the preservation of their life that brings this kind of medical activity to the rescue service. And, as in any extreme situations, unfortunately, it did not manage to save all, even exerting maximum efforts to, possessing all the necessary professional knowledge and skills and acting in the most favorable conditions. The tragic denouement of the disease may be due to late diagnosis and inadequate treatment (especially in the first, most critical, stage). But it can occur and result in unpredictable series of unfortunate coincidences, as a result of exposure are not amenable to mathematical calculation of the individual characteristics of the organism, increasing its vulnerability to disease and leveling effect of even the most powerful modern methods of treatment.

    Current treatment influenced significantly oncourse and outcomes of systemic vasculitis, and now the vast majority of people suffering from these diseases, manage to help. However, unfortunately, full recovery can be achieved only in a very small number of patients. Currently, under the concept of "successful treatment" often means medication achieved the transformation of the disease from the acute short-lived and potentially fatal chronic slowly progressive and requires constant medical supervision and periodic treatments. The disease does not disappear as such, but only a "fades", its most severe manifestation "go out", improving overall well-being, are restored and power efficiency - and life goes on. However, with certain restrictions associated with the presence of chronic disease, persisting for years and decades.

    On the treatment of systemic vasculitis

    Treatment of systemic vasculitisThe basis of the treatment of the majority of systemic vasculitis -the use of glucocorticoid hormones - prednisolone and metiprednizolona. In much of the cases required additional immunosuppressive purpose (ie suppressing the immune system) funds, which include the so-called cytostatics (cyclophosphamide, methotrexate, azathioprine).

    There are still many other products,which can be used to treat certain conditions typical for systemic vasculitis. Selection of doses of drugs and their combinations to determine the optimal duration of treatment required to obtain the maximum therapeutic effect with minimal side effects, - a difficult task, which is on the shoulder, only those having sufficient experience in this field.

    However, perhaps even more importantthe psychological state of the patient. It is extremely important to avoid two extremes: complacent, careless attitude to the disease (when the prescribing physician performed "selective" or even ignored) and panic-anxiety mood, uncontrollable fear of complications, paralyzing the will to live and impeding recovery. It should be understood that in order to effectively combat the disease require especially quiet optimism and disciplined adherence to all recommendations of the expert. Exceptionally large role of the family, loved ones; Now we all know that in our time of universal selfishness and indifference of the family - the main and often only source of hope for every man, and the love and care of family members - the most important guarantee of recovery.

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