How much should a child sleep


Features of sleep in children of different ages

How much should a child sleep
Newborn guys most part
time spend in a dream. But there is one feature: a three-month kid sleeps
a little more than the newborn. Therefore, you should not worry if your
The child suddenly began to sleep more. This does not mean that he is sick or
Overted. Long sleep is caused by the peculiarities of the growth and development of the body, but not

At the same time, at all young children during the day
It happens to four «Quiet watch». But closer to the year the child begins to sleep two
time per day: day and night. As the child is growing up, reduces
time of his day dreams. So, a two-year-old child is enough to sleep per day
about 12 hours.

Many parents neglect children's daily
Sleep. It is not right. In the middle of the day, the child must relax. If baby
refuses to sleep, you need to at least put it and read the book out loud to him
rested. WITHOUT DAY SLEEP, Kid is overwhelmed, nervous,
refuses to dinner. How much must
sleep a child during the day depends on how actively he spent the first
Half of the day. If the baby is not tired and slept well at night, he is enough and an hour

Cancel a quiet hour can be children aged 5-7
years, but not before. The child at the age of 6-7 begins to sleep already like
adult, that is, 8-9 hours. However, his junior leisure after study will go
Only benefit.

Kid need to sleep longer

Dream — Best leakage, and bedding
Helps the body to recover faster. During illness, the child needs
more sleep and smaller move, but it's not worth how to keep it in bed.

Walking on the frost, under the rain or in the heat
also have to be compensated by a full-fledged sleep in the crib, and not on hand or
Rear seat machines.

Parents are always worth remembering that
An impressionability and endurance of a child differ from the same opportunities
adult. The baby should take a break after active games, hiking and
Other exercise.

And finally, sleep helps to recover
nervous system, so sleeping an extra hour is necessary after
Emotional shocks. It should be understood that the campaign in the zoo, the arrival of the beloved
auntie or opportunity to sit in the real kamaja for a child — Also big
Emotional load.

Age table sleep will help parents
properly organize a children's day so that the child is enough to be satisfied and
Felt good.

How much should the child sleep (table)


1 month.

3 months.

6 months.

9 months.

12-18 months.

2 years

3 years


8. 30 minutes.

10 ch.

11 C.

11 C.

11 C. 15 minutes.

11 C.

10 ch. 30 minutes


7 C.

5 ch.

3 C. 15 minutes.

3 C.

2 C. 15 minutes

1 C. 30 minutes

1 C. 30 minutes.

Time to sleep

15 ch. 30 minutes.

15 ch.

14 ch. 15 minutes.

14 ch.

13 C. 30 minutes.

12 C. 30 minutes.

12 C.

Wake-up time

8. 30 minutes

9 C.

9 C. 45 min.

10 ch.

10 ch. 30 minutes.

11 C. 30 minutes.

12 C.

The question arises: how to calculate whether
child one hour and fifteen minutes? Child's healthy sleep table
built on average data, so the time is shown with moments. On the
it should be navigated, but not strictly abide up to five minutes. Still, time as a child sleeps, quite

Lack of sleep in children

Lack of sleep kids has heavier
The consequences rather than whims and tears. Recent studies have shown that
Chronic lack of sleep in childhood cause asthma, diabetes, mental
Upset and obesity in older age. Lack or low sleep quality
lead to a slowdown of growth processes.

It should be understood that the kids are not enough
Due to the negligence of parents. Just not all moms are aware of how much a monthly child should sleep,
And how many year old. And the fact that the child ran in time in the bed is not at all
means that he will immediately sleep. In addition, the child can wake up for many times
night, especially if something is disturbing: a spiny blanket, hot pajamas, light from

How to organize a sleeping place for a child

How much should a child sleep
As recently it turned out, the newborn
The child can not be frowning in a freshly surmounded room. In a lumpy glue,
paint, laminate contains harmful to children's lightweight substances. These substances
Enhance the risk of allergy in children, asthma and respiratory diseases.

The temperature in the children's bedroom should
be in the limits of 17-22° C, air humidity about 50%. At
need to use air humidifiers. To the child better
I fell asleep, as well as for the sanitation of the room, you can use aromamasla. On the
Children's enough 2-3 drops. Flavory and purify air, and also give
Soothing Effect of Lavender Oil, Fir, Chamomile, Mint, Pines. also in
Room need to maintain cleanliness: to avoine daily, wipe dust, times
per week wash the floor.

When a child sleeps, all light sources,
even weak, must be turned off. Even light from the phone screen is capable
disrupt the hormone system. And if adults will earn earn
insomnia, sitting at night at the computer, then children's sleep should be full.
Therefore, no lamps, luminous wallpaper and toys over the bed. New Year's
Garlands at night should also be disconnected.

Children older than two months should not sleep
Together with parents. How recently found scientists, joint sleep with parents
Or a sleep on a soft sofa increases the risk of sudden child death, so
need to teach a child to sleep in
The crib is one. It should also be explained to the child that the bed is designed
only for sleep, and play and chat in it can not.

Baby kit can stand by the window if
It does not give drafts and tightly closes the blinds or curtains. Children must
sleep on a flat, elastic, rigid surface, so choose the mattress follows
meticulously. The pillow must be low, and under the sheet should be treated dense
Kleenka so that she does not rustle when the kid moves and kept moisture.

Children's skin is sensitive, so
Make sure the blanket and sheets are soft and do not cause a child of discomfort.
Pajamas should be spacious, and very small kids better
swaddle to the child in a dream
wake yourself with random movements.

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