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  • The reasons for the emergence of a variety of changes incirculatory system, legs a lot. Spider veins, venous pattern and knots can occur due to hormonal changes, high intra-abdominal pressure, caused by pregnancy, constipation, carrying heavy loadsTrippingFirst, a long distance. It can also be congenital abnormality or decrease vascular tone.

    One way or another, but most women sooner orlater face the problem of varicose veins. Its first manifestation - a spider veins, capillaries extended arising on the skin surface. No inconvenience, except unaesthetic appearance, they do not cause.

    Smooth legs

    From the "stars" you can easily get rid of resortingto radiosurgical method. He has appeared in Moscow, about 4 years ago and had worked well. The main tool used in removing dilated capillaries - radionozh. It is the thinnest electrode, which after preliminary anesthesia, cosmetologist touches the skin and coagulate the vessel.

    Unlike laser radionozh prevents charringand it allows you to control the depth of the impact. After the procedure, which lasts a few minutes, depending on the size of the vessel to be removed, in its place is a slight redness, which takes 2-3 days, and you see the pristine clear skin again.

    A good addition to this method is the coursemesotherapy. Radionozh allows you to work on any areas of the body, including even the eyelids. It is used for removing warts, nevi (birthmarks), in the treatment of ingrown toenail. Radionozh is also used as a scalpel for operations. After its application the scar is almost invisible because, unlike scalpel, with a cut he pushes the tissue without damaging the cell.


    Sclerotherapy is used for advanced small blood vessels (telangiectasia) and varicose sosudov-Trippingtributaries to 0, 2 cm in diameter. With its help, you can avoid surgery and get a good result. The thinnest needle in a vein sclerosing agent is injected alcohol-based, under the influence of which the vessel wall is destroyed, and the Vienna scarring.

    The benefits of compression sclerotherapyis the absence of a risk of serious complications, high efficiency and minimal trauma. This procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and provides the optimal cosmetic effect. In all the time of treatment and for 1.5 - 2 months after it is necessary to abandon the hot tub, as well as visiting the baths or saunas.

    In addition, during treatment should be permanentlywear bandages or compression garment. This will ensure a permanent closure of the vein wall and will impede the restoration of blood flow in it. The course of treatment lasts from 3 to 6 sessions performed at intervals of 5-7 days.

    A side effect may be the emergence ofpigmentation in place sclerosed veins, which disappears on its own within a few days. On average, in Moscow take on $ 100 per injection. The final volume of procedures is determined during the consultation.

    More severe changes, so-called venousnodes require serious treatment. They are removed by surgery, the nature of which can detect only an experienced doctor phlebologist at the reception. Such transactions are made only in the hospital and require medical supervision.

    delicate heels

    Open sandals literally attract menlooks to elegant women's legs. And what do you do when your feet are far from ideal? Go to a closed shoe? Of course not! Moscow salons are capable of 2 hours to make your legs beautiful. The first thing to do is intended for the treatment of nails and skin stop.

    Since you can remove the rough skin, remove calluses, corns, cracks sanded using special hardware accessories. Unlike ruchnogTrippinga pedicure when leg is lowered into the bath softening, when the hardware on your feet a special gel is applied.

    In addition, make a mask and massage for the feet: moisturizing, nourishing, softening. With the help of hardware attachments can also adjust the ingrown nail, or give your nails a beautiful shape, eg sand too thick nail plate and polish it to a shine. This is completely painless and quick procedure.

    To maintain a good condition of legsbeauticians recommend doing pedicure every 2-4 weeks. There is another problem, which gives a lot of trouble to its owner - a fungal infection of feet. In the salons of beauty, of course, this disease is not treated, but spend antifungal prophylaxis.

    Usually, it is combined with hardwarepedicure. The fungus can appear not only due to contact with the infection by using someone else's shoes, underwear, toiletries (scissors, towels), as well as visiting the baths or swimming pools, but also when wearing tight shoes, excessive sweating, foot injuries.

    Therefore, for the prevention of fungal diseasesbeautician adjusts the foot with special pads. This can be interdigital correctors or gel pads that are placed in shoes. When this is used as various cosmetic antifungal lines developed for Rakhno legs types, such as dry skin, diabetic, or "cold" foot.

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