Phlebology. Remove of vessel defects on E-MAX apparatus


  • Remove of vessel defects on E-MAX apparatus
  • Conducting ELOS

  • Varicose disease is a disease in which the wall of the subcutaneous veins loses its elasticity, as a result of this vessels stretch, native expansions are formed in separate areas.

    Risk factors:

    • Hereditary predisposition;
    • Overweight or fast weight gain;
    • Sedentary lifestyle;
    • Smoking and alcohol;
    • Pregnancy (especially the second or third);
    • Long load on legs;
    • Work associated with long standing;
    • High heels;
    • Habit sit down leg legs;
    • Hormonal imbalance;
    • Long stay in the sun, sauna, sauna;
    • Long exercise, lifting weight.

    Remove of vessel defects on E-MAX apparatus

    Phlebology. Remove of vessel defects on E-MAX apparatusSyneron Medical Ltd (Israel) has developed a new methodology for the treatment of vascular cosmetic defects - ELOS technology. E-MAX system is based on a consistent action of two forms of energy - laser and radio frequency. With this combination of energy impact on the vessels, the use of their lower levels was possible. That is, Elos technology embedded in the E-MAX system allows for practically an order to increase the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the risk of side effects to a minimum. Literally in a few days, the tracks from the hardware exposure completely disappear, and in their place there is clean and healthy skin. This technology has not only allowed to combine the combination of optical and RF energy, but also to find the most efficient and safe way to treat vessels.

    The mechanism of its impact is concluded in the penetration of optical energy into the dermis. Here it is absorbed by intravascular hemoglobin, and then transformed into thermal energy. It is at this stage that there is a gradual increase in the temperature of the blood vessel. At the same time, as a result of the simultaneous and precisely directed impact on the RF vessel, the combined effect of therapeutic effects occurs. It comes due to the difference in the electrical properties of the affected blood vessel and the surrounding fabric, as well as due to the combined effect of the optical laser and the radio frequency source of energy.

    Ultimately, this impact leads to scleration and complete disappearance of the affected vessel, which also contributes to high blood cells.

    Conducting ELOS

    The patient is placed on a functional chair, so that access to the affected area. A pain relief drug is applied to the site, after which the conductive gel is applied. Installed operation parameters on the E-MAX device, the working part is set perpendicular to the vessel and the procedure is performed. After receiving the effect on the skin, a hormonal ointment (to relieve edema, hyperemia and possible allergic reactions) is applied. The obligatory component of treatment is elastic compression (compression tights) and phlebotonic therapy. After the first procedure, the cosmetic effect is visible. Coagulation procedure (gluing, clogging) vessels is carried out only by the Physical Flabog.

    The technique is available and convenient, ensures the absence of serious complications (venous thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, hyperpigmentation and skin necrosis).

    Individual consultation and detailed information on the removal of vessel defects on the E-MAX device can be obtained from ELOSMED hardware cosmetology.

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