Vessels under the supervision of a physician


  • Vladimir Markovski, physician
  • Viktor Cherevko, cardiologist of the highest category
  • Yelena Sinitsyn, endocrinologist, diabetologist highest category
  • Elena Tanaeva, neurologist, physician

  • ABOUT the possibilities of this unique technology, wetell physicians of the clinic of the Moscow Institute of Cybernetic Medicine, where for many years carried out a diagnostic survey of vascular tone, special programs - "The heart and blood vessels", "Life without hypertension," "Life without diabetes," "Life without a headache", "Syndrome heavy legs "and others.

    Vladimir Markovski, therapist, head of day hospital (certificate number 089 845 CV, certificate number A 1307603, is fond of fishing and racing on a motorcycle)

    Vessels under the supervision of a physician
    - With this method, we were able tocontrol the curing process, thereby increasing its efficiency. Let me give a concrete example, when the patient had to carry out vascular therapy. In the arsenal of the clinic for at least ten good cardiovascular drugs. Which one would be more effective? This technology not only allows you to select the optimal therapy for each individual patient. It has access to a qualitatively new, higher level of treatment.

    Viktor Cherevko, cardiologist of the highest category (number 218761 DA diploma, certificate number 001 803 PMA, is interested in scuba diving)

    Vessels under the supervision of a physician
    - Large main vessels, whichcarried bloodstream must operate 24 hours a day. Otherwise, heart attacks and strokes occur. To ensure smooth operation of large vessels in the event of an overload of the myocardium, the body's self-regulating system automatically closes the peripheral vessels of the upper and lower extremities. As a result of this protecting reaction microvessels peripheral lose their elasticity, change shape, which affects blood flow velocity. The new technology allows the doctor together with the patient to observe the whole process and speed of blood flow in the microvasculature actually measure the voltage that is experiencing the myocardium. The value of this new method of diagnostics of cardiovascular diseases can not be overestimated.

    Yelena Sinitsyn, endocrinologist, diabetologist highest category (number 339645 SG diploma, certificate A 2,419,206, loves to grow flowers)

    Vessels under the supervision of a physician
    - It is well known that diabetes affects blood vessels. But to determine the degree of damage to the microvessels of the individual patient - is very difficult. The term "diabetic foot" appeared because the lower limb microvessels not just lose their elasticity, change shape, but are gradually destroyed, thereby significantly decreases blood flow. Fabrics stop receiving oxygen, which is why there is a threat of gangrene. Russia's new technology makes it possible not only to assess the real state of the microcirculation in the lower extremities, Customised drug and physical therapy, but also to monitor the whole process of treatment and keep the vessels under the supervision of a physician.

    Elena Tanaeva, neurologist, physician (EV certificate number 077773, A certificate number 3249350, is interested in motor racing)

    Vessels under the supervision of a physician
    - In medical practice, the term "vegetativedystonia "brought great neurologist Alexander Wayne. According to him, human health depends largely on the state of its vessels. This view was subjected to numerous attacks by the professor colleagues - because unprovable assertions put forward by them.

    Today, with the help of a special opticaldermal microvascular imaging system able to verify the absolute correctness of the theory of Wayne. In many patients due to inadequate functioning of the nervous system changes in vascular tone, dystonia develops, resulting in tortuous vessels become that obstructs blood flow. Here is a real case. To me for consultation came a grandmother with her granddaughter. At 67-year-old patient's blood vessels were normal, undeformed, and 18-year-old girl - strongly twisted. My young patient complained of persistent headaches, palpitations, humidity of palms. Who would have guessed that the condition of the vessels at the elderly person may be significantly better than that of the young! Today it is difficult to imagine how a year ago I did without this method.

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