• Endometriosis
  • Diagnosis of endometriosis
  • Treatment of endometriosis

  • Endometriosis

    Distinguish genital I
    Extgazenital endometriosis. Genital is divided into internal and
    outer. Being a benign disease, endometriosis can be
    provoked by genetic predisposition, hormonal changes in
    The body transferred abortion and psychological injuries.

    The internal genital endometriosis refers
    Endometriosis of the body of the uterus. Outdoor endometriosis can be located in the cervix,
    On the surface of the vagina, ovaries, in the surface of the uterine pipes, peritoneum,
    Crotch and other.

    Foci of endometriosis, as well as endometrium, react to
    Change of hormonal status. Because of this, they occur in cyclic
    Changes that are accompanied by hemorrhage during menstruation.
    The main symptoms of endometriosis are severe pain during menstruation, and
    Also a long period of their period; The presence of bloody secretions before or after
    menstruation itself; The presence of pain during intercourse or soreness below
    abdomen not related to monthly. Such pains can «give away» In the Copchik I
    Lonentians. The most terrible sign of endometriosis is infertility that
    associated with numerous spikes in a small pelvis.

    Endometrial foci have rounded or irregular shape and
    contain a thick liquid that is poured out during menstruation.
    If the fluid is exhausted outside, it gradually accumulates,
    turning the focus of endometriosis to the cavity with decaying content.
    The spread of endometriosis increases almost with each subsequent
    cycle, so the cavity with liquid increases in size and causes strong
    Pain. Such cavities are called endometrioid cyst.

    Diagnosis of endometriosis

    Diagnosis of endometriosis is made during
    Gynecological inspection. In some cases, the disease is diagnosed with
    help ultrasound, colposcopy or hysteroscopy. Laparoscopy allows you to spend
    Visual diagnosis of endometriosis of uterine pipes, ovarian, peritonean.

    Endometriosis occurs in women of reproductive age and
    independently suspended during pregnancy, lactation, in
    Postmenopausal. Most often, the disease is diagnosed in the age group
    30-50-year-old women. The increasing number of sick endometriosis in more
    young age can be associated with the frequent manifestations of hormonal
    imbalance in 20-year-old, frequent abortions.

    Late treatment of endometriosis can lead to serious
    Complications. Endometriosis growth can lead to violations in the work
    internal organs. Spring in the rectum fabric, endometriosis can cause
    Strong pain during the act of defecation. With the presence of endometriosis in the tissues
    bladder painful becomes urination. Significant number
    Foci of endometriosis causes an increase in the number of hormones of inflammation - prostaglandins.
    This amount is violated the process of attachment of the egg and causes

    Treatment of endometriosis

    Endometriosis treatment implies two main techniques.
    The first of them is medicated and consists in a long use of hormonal
    drugs whose reception provokes a complete absence of menstruation. During them
    lack of foci of endometriosis atrophy. Surgical treatment method consists
    in removing foci of endometriosis. Modern medicine uses for these purposes
    Method of electrocoagulation or laser coagulation. It does not violate
    Reproductive function of women. Also a minimally invasive treatment technique
    Endometriosis is laparoscopy at which through a small incision in
    The abdominal wall produce removal of visible foci of the growth of endometrial. IN
    case of genetic susceptibility, for immune dysfunction correction
    Systems, specialized immunotherapy is carried out in strengthening
    T-cell response against ectopic endometrial.

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