Methods of treatment impotence


  • How to treat impotence
  • Drug therapy
  • «Erection by request»
  • Intrauretral applications
  • Essence of the method of vacuum and impotence therapy
  • Operational intervention in the treatment of impotence
  • Psychotherapy

  • How to treat impotence

    Methods of treatment impotence Now experts are convinced that in most cases the impotence are purely organic (t.E. not psychological) reasons. All methods of treatment of impotence are divided into conservative and operational.

    The conservative methods of treatment of impotence include drug therapy or the use of vacuum-container devices (vacuum pumps).

    Drug therapy

    Until recently, the main drug applied to the treatment of impotence was Johimbin. The effectiveness of its application does not exceed 10 percent. The need for long-term use of the drug (up to a year) and low treatment efficacy, a large number of adverse reactions make this method of treating a user-drivel.

    Currently, drugs are successfully used to combat impotence «Viagra» (Sildenafil), «Levitra» (Vardenafil) and «Cialis» (Tadalafil). The effectiveness of drugs is undoubted, but they can cause a mass of side effects.

    Modern drug drugs (the so-called sexual doping) used in clinical practice allow you to achieve a higher treatment efficiency that reaches 70-80%. These drugs are distinguished by the presence of side effects, such as a slight headache, sudden redness of the face and neck, hyperemia of the nose cavity, change in color, and visual acuity.

    «Erection by request»

    Intracavernous pharmacotherapy with erectile dysfunction or «Erection by request» - This is the method of treating erectile dysfunction, which consists in introducing by injection (injection) to the cavernous bodies of the penis of the vasodilator, significantly enhancing the influx of blood to the sexual member and causing a full-fledged erection. The main thing in this treatment method is that it allows a man suffering from erectile dysfunction to have a full-fledged erection at the right time and makes it possible to regulate its duration. In this case, the erection occurs independently of the degree of sexual attractiveness of the sexual partner. This intracavernous pharmacotherapy is favorably different from other medical methods of treating erectile dysfunction today.

    The combination of drugs is used to reduce side effects of each of them by reducing the concentration. A comprehensive software approach to the intended intracable therapy allows you to make the use of this method efficient and safe.

    Intrauretral applications

    For intrauretral applications, various drugs are used, such as alprostadyl. Of the urethra, the drug is absorbed and with blood flow to the cavernous bodies, where reactions cause erection occur. This method is similar to the previous one, but allows you to exclude injection into a penis.

    Currently, this therapy has not been widespread due to the high cost of drugs and adverse reactions (a feeling of burning in urethra), as well as the need for mandatory use of a condom.

    Essence of the method

    Vacuum-local impotence therapy

    The essence of the method consists in creating a negative pressure in the cavernous bodies of the penis using the vacuum cylinder and the pump, which causes the blood flow and the erection held by overlapping at the base of the penis of a special compressive ring limiting the venous outflow. Thus, the ability to make sexual act, a duration of no more than 30 minutes.

    The efficiency of the method is 40-50%. The disadvantages include the practical use of the device (it is impossible to hide from the partner and.), painful ejaculation (ejaculation) caused by a compressive ring, hemorrhage on the sexual member, a sense of numbness of a penis, etc.

    Operational intervention in the treatment of impotence

    Operational intervention has recently used less often due to the high efficiency of drug therapy. Surgical methods are used in extreme cases when conservative treatment does not give the desired results and for certain indications.

    Operational treatment of venous insufficiency of the penis is performed in the event of damage to the viorea mechanism of the penis. Despite the large age of this method, its effectiveness is about 50%. However, even with relatively low results, the venous penis surgery is still applied in clinical practice, as an additional methods for the previously reduced methods, which allows to achieve high results.

    Operational treatment is shown and in the case of an insufficient blood flow of blood in a penis. Arterial microvascular shunting is carried out, the effectiveness of which ranges from 30 to 50%. This operation shows high efficiency only in young patients.

    Prosthetics of the penis is currently the main method of recovery of penis. Prosthetic implantation is the final stage of treatment of impotence, when all previous treatment techniques did not give results.


    In the treatment of impotence, scientific medical advice sounds in unison to some chapters «Kama-Sutry». The main role is assigned to a three-step technique for focusing sensuality. This technique advises during sexual intercourse more attention to the satisfaction of the partner.

    In the first stage, partners deliver mutual pleasure without contact with the genitals. In the second stage, partners concern the genital organs and erogenous areas of the partner, but do not enter into sexual intercourse. And only in the third stage there is sexual intercourse.

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