How to keep breasts, or what is useful for breast


  • Sex
  • Pregnancy
  • Long breastfeeding
  • Comfortable bra
  • Simple exercises
  • Cold shower
  • Daily care

  • Sex

    responds to the troubles in his personal life is very sensitive. she likes
    petting, during which she strained and slightly increases. It does not
    anti-climax when the blood fall hormones it needs as
    air. But long abstinence it is not useful.


    pregnancy, will come when it is necessary, that is up to 30, -
    pledge of healthy breast. It is believed that a long breastfeeding inevitable
    makes breasts "spaniel ears." This is not true.

    The main changes to
    Breast shape occur during pregnancy, and they can
    prevented. To do this, choose a comfortable bra in whichHow to keep breasts, or what is useful for breastom with
    accommodate growing breasts, and use advanced creams
    of stretch marks.

    Long breastfeeding

    - It is very beautiful and very sexy. However, its main purpose -
    nurture the little man. If the breast has not fulfilled this task, if the cells had not produced milk or worked out
    it too short a time, occur in the metabolism within the cell
    not too favorable shifts.

    Comfortable bra

    transparent blouse without a bra - a risky and, in general, unnecessary
    step, since even small breasts without a bra quickly and droops
    It loses its appeal. Great underwear is essential for
    sports: the only way you protect the breast from the shake-up, which she
    receives during running and jumping.

    Simple exercises

    It rests on a kind of muscular cushion, which form a large and
    small breast muscles. To strengthen these muscles and do a little chest
    More is even possible. Bend your elbows and strong interlock
    fingers. Now sharply arms out to the side, breaking muscle
    resistance. The second exercise can be carried out near the wall.
    Lean on the wall arms outstretched, then walk up to her and sharply
    push off. "Touchdown" should occur at arm's length.

    Cold shower

    water - the perfect tonic: because it causes cells
    smooth muscles to contract and tightens the natural "bra". If
    You do not have the heart to send on his chest tight jet of cold water,
    freeze ice cubes and rub them the breast skin. It is even pleasant.

    Daily care

    neckline - very delicate area, and take care of it is not necessary
    less carefully than in the skin. For daily care approach
    moisturizing hypoallergenic cream.

    creams which are intended to "rapidly and effectively increase
    Breast three sizes ", their safety has not yet been proved. breast Skin
    It looks well-groomed, if a woman takes a multivitamin complexes and
    using crude oil.

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