Mastopathy - fee for equality?


  • Abortion
  • Late childbirth
  • Artificial feeding or short breastfeeding period
  • Bad heredity
  • Alcohol, smoking, stress, irregular sex
  • Injuries and operations on lactic glands

  • Who is not familiar with the symptoms of mastopathy, is the bigger lucky. By
    statistics problems with bust are available at each third, and even each
    Second woman. The harmless bra turns into torture,
    Touching the chest causes a desire to send a mountain lover (or
    near standing passenger in crowded transport) far away, and
    on farewell to knock on something heavy.

    In the early stages
    mastopathy pain appears only before the menstruation itself, in the later
    – becomes constant. Another characteristic sign of the disease –
    The chest becomes tight to the touch (all or in places).

    Doctors before
    now did not come to a uniable opinion, where mastopathy is taken, but
    They proved that it is based on endocrine disorders, namely
    Finalization of female sex hormones (estrogen, prolactin and
    progesterone). How-no, the substance is thin, damage Mastopathy & ndash; Fee for equality?very easy...
    How exactly?


    According to statistics in Russia
    annually make from 1 to 2 million abortions, that is, every second
    Pregnancy ends with her interrupt. At the same time, women who made
    Three abortion, seven times risks sick mastopathy than three times

    And here feminism?

    All times, the attitude towards abortion was negative, especially if we are not
    went on pregnancy, threatening Mother's Mother. Flace – Riga! And only feminists decided to challenge this unlawful law.

    In the 50s of the XIX century, the American sorcerer Sarah Grimka for the first time
    Oh said «the right of women to decide when she is a mother, how often
    and under what circumstances». And after half a century, her houseman Margaret
    Sanger introduced the concept «Birth control».

    By the way, here we are ahead of the rest of the world: the first state who legalized abortions was Soviet Russia.

    Late childbirth

    Serious Factor Risk Mastopathy. Although sociologists will swear something about
    Babi boom, but the trend has not yet changed too much: most
    Russian Rozhennik – Over 25 years old.

    And here feminism?

    This is
    Previously, women gave birth, starting from 15-16 years. Why not? Husband
    Lider, wife – with land. Performs its biological role: produces
    offspring and cares for him. Today, thanks to Emancipation, weak
    Paul wishes to implement himself on a par with strong. Why hurry S
    kid? We must first get an education, make a career,
    provide yourself with material benefits, well, to feed how to...

    Here, scientists are encouraged: they proved that the optimal age for
    Conception – 34 years. It seems like exactly at this age is achieved
    The optimal balance between the health of women and its social
    Welfare. So directly and say: «Woman who gave birth to the first child
    At 34, from the point of view of health status 14 years younger than that
    gave birth to a child at 18».

    Artificial feeding or short breastfeeding period

    It turns out that only a third of mothers in our country feed children breasts
    More than three months. But no wonder doctors say that natural
    feeding (at least half a year) – Mastopathy. And TEM,
    who already have a disease, in general, it is recommended to feed the baby
    Breast at least a year.

    And here feminism?

    On the
    First look it seems that nothing. However, imagine nursing
    Mother running along with men. Even if she does not fit
    sleepers and does not unload wagons. First, she is unlikely to be sitting
    Houses with a child long: a maximum of six months on maternity leave – and back
    to construction. Secondly, if you break between the house and work, regularly
    Cutting, from stress, wrong power (sandwiches and coffee) and
    T.NS. Milk quickly disappears. Or ceases to like a child.

    Bad heredity

    moms, grandmothers or great-grandmothers were mastopathy, is the likelihood that
    She will get inheritance daughters. SughdleMastopathy & ndash; Fee for equality?ASNO medical statistics:
    With bad genetics, the risk of getting sick is three times higher than with good.

    And here feminism?

    For sure
    Unknown. But, given that before the appearance of mastopathy feminism
    I met very rarely, it can be assumed that causing a disease
    Genetic mutation for the first time appeared in women-«Emancipe». So to speak,
    hypothesis eligible for existence...

    If you are bothering the unpleasant sensations in the lactic glands, we recommend checking whether there was no souffringers in your family?

    Alcohol, smoking, stress, irregular sex

    Mastopathy, of course, does not happen from this, but the state is worse with the already occurred illness.

    And here feminism?

    Very similar to the length of the typical feminist (in
    Men's understanding): Something bone-malicious-nervous, smoked,
    which is not averse to drink. And all from no... because men attention
    do not pay.

    Injuries and operations on lactic glands

    Starting from banal bruises and ending with plastic operations on changing breast shape.

    And here feminism?

    Similarly, as not yet found the relationship between feminism and obesity
    (diabetes, liver disease, thyroid gland, appendages, pituitary
    and adrenal glands). However, all these ailments are among the factors,
    which can provoke mastopathy.

    Would love feminists,
    that the result of their liberation activities will be mastopathy,
    Maybe they took their dust. But now you can not change anything.
    For the prevention of breast diseases, modern women are unlikely
    turns into housewives: start cooking borscht and knit socks, give birth
    every two or three years by child, feeding the offspring of breasts.

    What to do? Once
    per year to check the Mammologo doctor, once a month spent
    chest self-diagnostics (consider and underlie
    suspicious symptoms), if possible, lead a healthy lifestyle and
    Rejoice at the achievements of feminism. For example, it is possible to run
    to the State Duma...

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