The main thing about mastopathy



The main thing about mastopathyThe severity in the chest, seals, pain when touched - all these are signs of medianity, the constant companion of the monthly hormonal failure characteristic of the premenstrual period. As a rule, with the beginning «Critical days» Pass and painful manifestations. If this does not happen, the doctors are strongly advised to consult a doctor - perhaps you develop mastopathy, one of the most common breast diseases.

Mastopathy is a benign breast dormal disease, in which the normal relationship of connective tissue and epithelial elements of the breast tissue is disturbed. There are many reasons for this disease: both poor ecology, and improper nutrition, and the rabid rhythm of our life, and constant stress. Add gynecological diseases here against the background of which hormonal disorders occur, leading to mastopathy. Among such diseases - the Mioma of the uterus, cysts, disorders of the menstrual cycle, and others. The factors affecting the development of mastopathy include the absence of childbirth and breastfeeding, as well as abortions. Milk gland is configured to generate milk with almost the very beginning of pregnancy, the interruption of this process affects the most negative way on the whole female body, and mainly on breast health.

Mastopathy - Disease «Polyvalent», that is, having not one, but several causes of occurrence.

Attention should be paid: mastopathy does not pass by itself, this disease requires treatment. In 90% of cases, mastopathy can be suspected independently in the early stages of development – by monthly self-examination by 6-12 days of the menstrual cycle. However, even if you do not have any problems, doctors advise every six months to visit a mammologist specialist. Also, try, if possible, lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Also in the prevention of this disease, the correct nature of nutrition plays a major role. It has been proven that frequent use of fats and meat products leads to an increase in the level of estrogen in the blood, which can lead to a hormonal imbalance. Include in your daily diet as many vegetables, cereals, fruits. These products are rich in vitamins and microelements, and vitamins have an anti-estrogenous effect and normalize hormone imbalances. Limit coffee and chocolate. Make sure that your food contains enough iodine.

As a reliable drug for the treatment and prevention of mastopathy and PMS, a vegetable non-immoral drug has long established among doctors and patients «Mastodinone» Companies «Bionorica» (Germany). The main advantage of this drug is that it acts comprehensively: affecting the cause of the disease - gently restores the natural balance of hormones, removes pain syndrome, prevents the development of pathological processes in lactic glands and reduces the concomitant PMS irritability and anxiety, in other words, returns a woman psychological comfort and Normal well-being. Unlike numerous dietary supplements, the efficiency and safety of the drug «Mastodinone» Proved in high-quality European studies. In addition, it is very important: «Mastodinone» does not contain synthetic hormones, its composition includes only natural vegetable extracts of vitex of sacred and other plants. The drug is well tolerated, leading experts have gained extensive experience in its use, which indicates an extremely rare side effects. However, despite the fact that the drug is sold in pharmacies without a recipe, in front of his admission, consult with your doctor and familiarize yourself with the instructions.

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