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  • Until now, doctors have not defined: hypotension - independent
    disease, a symptom of some other pathology or condition of the body,
    which decreases the tone of venous vessels, blood circulation slows down
    And as a result - the total tone falls.

    Hypotension: Tired and broken
    Signs of hypotension are very inhomogeneous and often not manifest
    At the same time: lethargy, apathy, the feeling of general weakness, deterioration
    memory, scattered (pay attention to children and do not scold them for it
    - Perhaps the disease is a disease), reduced performance.
    Very often, hypotonies feel shortfall with weak physical exertion,
    They seem to be lacking by air, why they constantly yawning; sometimes
    Encuffed. Often they are tormented by headaches that can be
    associated with atmospheric pressure fluctuations, abundant meal,
    Long stay «on foot». Hypotoniki are irritable and
    emotionally unstable, they do not like public transport and
    queues, incredibly dependent on the season and weather. They are better in cold
    days. In the morning you feel untreated, «wake up» hourly around
    Two, in the dayy again, faded and animated only closer in the evening.

    All these symptoms are subjective, in one degree or another they can
    Feel each of us. Objectively, when hypotension can only be identified
    lower pressure and various vegetative violations - in the first
    turn sweating palms and stop, pallor, disorder
    thermoregulation - in the morning the temperature is often reduced to
    35.8-36?C. This can join the feeling of gravity in the stomach,
    bitterness in the mouth, decline in appetite, nausea, belching, heartburn, meteorism,
    constipation - that is the disorder of the gastrointestinal. Men in hypotension can be
    reduced sexual potency, and women have a violation
    menstrual cycle. Often, hypotonists have marked pain pain and
    muscles that are not permanent, arise at rest and pass
    After exercise: Low pressure leads to bad
    blood supply to muscles, and while driving the circulation improves,
    pressure rises and pain passes.

    In general, the symptoms each individually seem to be not very serious,
    but in the aggregate they can poison life enough. Doctors,
    examining such a patient (more often - the patient) and not finding any
    Deviations in the state of health except reduced arterial
    Pressures are diagnosed «Vegeta dystonia (VD)
    hypotonic type".

    Disease ballerin

    Term «hypotension» wrong, although it is widespread in everyday life
    and means reduced pressure. Actually reduced arterial
    pressure compelling will be called arterial hypotension, and hypotension
    - This reduced tone of vessels. But since this inaccurate term
    rooted in consciousness, we will call the problem of hypotension,
    implying arterial hypotension.

    Most often, it suffers to women 30-40 years old engaged in mental
    labor. In the old age is occurring atherosclerotic hypotension when
    The vessels are so strongly amazed atherosclerosis, which turn into
    lime sticks, the muscle of the heart is so flaky that barely shakes

    It happens the hypotension of the training, which arises from athletes
    with constant exercise when the body begins to work in
    more economical mode, the work of the heart is penetrating, pressure decreases.
    Professional hypotension - a lot of athletes and ballerinas: so they
    react to physical superload.

    If a person works for a long time underground, in the atmosphere
    high humidity and high temperature, with prolonged exposure
    Small doses of ionizing radiation, ultrahigh-frequency
    electromagnetic field, he can drop pressure. Cause
    hypotension can be professional allergies found from
    doctors, pharmacists, procedural sisters. Hypotension itself to
    disability does not lead, but can serve as a basis for transfer to
    Other job.

    It happens undergoing physiological hypotension that occurs in
    Period of adaptation to new climatic belts and zones - highlands,
    Polar, subtropical and tropical climate. Do not be surprised if,
    Once in such areas, you will feel no matter.

    Where does that come from

    Hypotension can be a symptom of a disease, in this
    the case should not be struggling with it, but for the reason, it has given it. It may
    Be cutting blood circulation, heart failure, intoxication,
    Allergic reactions, arrhythmias, acute diseases of the abdominal organs
    cavities (for example, pancreatitis), infectious diseases,
    neuropsychic stress, insufficient nutrition, as well as
    The use of certain drugs (for example, their
    Overdose in the treatment of hypertension).

    Most often, hypotension complicates the flow of innate and acquired
    heart defects and mitral vessels, myocarditis, some diseases
    Breath organs, stomach ulcers, 12-rosewood, cholecystitis,
    Chronic hepatitis, malignant education, system diseases
    blood (leukemia), avitaminosis and dystrophy.

    Sleep - Best Medicine

    Since hypotension is not so strong as hypertension, and
    does not lead to such severe consequences, drug methods
    Fight with her little. Down and control pressure on modern
    The development stage of medicine is easier than to raise and
    control. Therefore, all efforts to combat hypotension should be
    are aimed at raising and strengthening the life tone.

    To do this, you must first sleep. Sleep within 9-11
    hours is the vital necessity for all hypotonics. Relatives
    should know about it and refer to such a long sleep normally, not
    Consider them with Sonya, do not brake, because such a protective reaction

    Hypotension: Tired and broken
    Patients with hypotension should be able to properly get up. When a person
    sleeps, blood is focused in the area of ​​the stomach (in the liver,
    intestine, spleen) and relative failure arises
    Blood supply of the brain. If in this situation the hypotonik will sharply rise, he
    May lose consciousness. Therefore, waking up, you need to lie down a little,
    make a light gymnastics lying (at least bend brush hands, feet feet,
    knee and elbow joints), then sit in bed, sit, not
    hanging legs; Then pull the legs from the bed and also sit; get up
    needed, leaning on a chair that should stand near the bed, and stand
    Some time.

    Many pathological phenomena in hypotoniki pass after the lungs
    exercise. Therefore, you need to make gymnastics, but to do it
    It is only necessary sitting. It is generally useful to teach yourself to active rest:
    Hiking, swimming, sports games - what does not require very
    Large exercise. Also useful treatment in suburban
    sanatoriums, on the southern coast of Crimea or in Kislovodsk, and in April - May and
    September - October - on the Black Sea coast.

    Helps a contrasting souls, only transitions from heat to cold should
    Be not sharp. You can take the vessels and in the bath, but do it
    need carefully and gradually.

    As a rule, all coffeem hypotonics, because with the help of coffee
    Raise pressure. Many people, especially women
    Intellectual Labor, Start your day from a cup of coffee on an empty stomach. This is
    right, but the cup of coffee does not need to turn into 10 cups, and to that one,
    We are talking about, you need to attach a sandwich with bread, butter and
    Cheese. The fact is that the pressure increases saline and fatty products. Cheese
    is ideal by the ratio of fat and salt. Therefore for
    hypotonika cup of coffee and 1-2 sandwiches with cheese - a kind of healing

    Very useful strong green tea.

    There is no less than 4 times a day.

    Medical treatment includes the appointment of common
    stimulating products. When headaches, unpleasant sensations in
    Heart areas, pain in the joints and muscles prescribe caffeine in the composition
    Combined Tablets - Citramon, Pyramine.

    Take the rule to periodically measure pressure. This will help
    avoid unpleasant surprises, and most importantly - find out what is all the same you
    Helps. In addition, arterial hypotension can grow into hypertension
    with age or with artificial increase in pressure.


    Under hypotension there are all herbal products that increase
    Ton of vessels and blood pressure: Chinese lemongrass,
    Ginseng, Aralia and others. But you need to keep in mind that many patients
    turn out to be very sensitive to these drugs, and every patient
    must very carefully pick up what is suitable for him. Sometimes
    Paradoxical reaction and deterioration of the state are observed. In spite of
    The fact that we are talking about herbs, they need to be appointed with extreme caution
    Future Mamam. Although in pregnancy to transfer the hypotension at all
    It is hard, ideally from the reception of tinctures you need to refrain. Everyone else
    You can take them, but brief courses.

    Tincture ginseng. This healing plant strengthens and tones
    The body improves the work of the heart. Tincture must be taken on 15-25
    drops 3 times a day for 2-4 weeks. Increase dosage nonsense
    costs. Otherwise, you may encounter a conversion,
    insomnia and headache.

    Tincture Aralia Manychurskaya. Sold in the pharmacy in the finished form, but
    You can cook medicine and yourself, bay crushed roots
    70% alcohol at the rate of 1: 5. Take Aralia need 2-3 times a day
    30-40 drops. Contraindicated with increased nervous excitability and

    Levezi extract take 20-30 drops 2-3 times a day.

    Tincture and champs of Sandy, Lemongrass immortelle
    Chinese, lubricants are also funds from reduced pressure.
    They are taken 30 minutes before meals within 2-4 weeks. Cooks are preparing
    At the rate of 10 grams per 1 glass of boiling water, tincture - 1: 5. Lemongrian
    Take 30-40, and immortelle - 20-30 drops twice a day.
    In addition to these herbs, you can try the pharmacy tincture of the hawthorn and

    Hypotension, of course, is not the biggest problem among other diseases.
    Sensitive Persons She can poison life, but, on the other hand,
    Fighting it is pleasant: movement, sleep, good food, and most importantly - there
    It is possible that most people are not recommended due to possible
    Pressure Enhancement: Fat and Salt.

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