Deciphering Male Male Analyzes


Deciphering a smear analysis in men

Deciphering Male Male Analyzes

Maspets from the urethra in men takes most often in urethritis of various origin. This is:

  • Nonspecific urethritis;
  • gonorrhea;
  • chlamydia;
  • candidiasis;
  • syphilis.

Requirements for the taking of material:

  • The patient is prohibited from urination for four hours before analysis, washing the genital organs;
  • Three days before the fence of the material, all local antimicrobial procedures on the genitals are stopped;
  • For a half months before taking a urogenital smear, the reception of antibiotics should be taken.

Decoding smear

The smear is examined under a microscope, pre-staining material by gram. When deciphering the analysis, the following indicators determine.

. Normal number — up to 5 in p / s (field of view). Exceeding indicates the presence of urethritis. In this case, the composition of leukocytes is important: neutrophils predominance indicates acute inflammation or exacerbation of chronic; The predominance of eosinophils — About Unetrite Allergic Nature.

. His cells covering urethra from the inside, normal can be detected in the smear. Normal number — 5-10. An increase in this figure with a small content of leukocytes indicates the leukoplakia of urethra or deskvamative urethritis (with changes in the epithelium).

. In the absence of pathology, it is not in the smear. Raising quantity — Sign of the presence of infection in the urethra.

. Microorganisms Norma are represented by single coccal or chopsticks. The appearance in the smear of pathogens of gonorrhea, trichomonad, chlamydia, candidium or causative agent of syphilis indicates the presence of infection in the urethra.

To send a patient for analysis can urologist or dermatovenerologist.

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