Deciphering analyzes for cytomegalovirus


Analysis on cytomegalovirus

Deciphering analyzes for cytomegalovirus

Cytomegalovirus CMV — This is the Herpes-Type Herpes DNA relating to Torch infections. In the blood of CMV are produced by antibodies, or immunoglobulins: IgG and Igm.

IgM appears one or two weeks after infection and after each reproduction of the remaining CMV in the body. After a while they disappear forever.

Igm high — The result is positive, denotes POZ.
It means that:
* infection occurred over the past year;
* infection old, the virus was depressed, but reproduces again.
  • 2. Igm Low — negative result — NEG.
    It means that:
    * In the last year of infection was not;
    * The antibodies to the cytomegalovirus are formed on the existing virus, and there are no reproduction.
  • If the patient has other Torch infections, then IGM analysis can be positive.
    IgG appear a month after infection and remain for life.

    IgG level indicates a time after CMV infection and it continues to reproduce in the body.

    1. If IgG is raised — Contact with the virus was previously, there is immunity and CMV carriage.
    2. If Igg is low — Contact with CMV was not.

    Repeated analysis is possible, and if the antibodies are increasing more than four, cytomegalovirus actively multiplies.

    Laboratories use different antibody definition techniques. In the analysis form, the rate indicator is specified when deciphering the result. Analysis indicators for cytomegalovirus may be marked:

    • W.E. (IU),
    • optical equipment. — O.E.,
    • optical density — Op,
    • elf. in ml,
    • titer.

    The analyzes on the cytomegalovirus are prescribed the therapist, pediatrician, gynecologist: planning pregnancy, pregnant, newborn, children with suspicion of infection, HIV-infected, preparing for transplantation and other.

    Ways of infection:

    • intrauterine,
    • Air-drip,
    • sexual,
    • through blood.

    The material under study — Serum blood. Blood take from Vienna, in the morning on an empty stomach, excluding the reception of oily.

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