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Many of us do not know about such a disease as a sinusitis. Most often, he arises in the cold season and with untimely treatment can bring a lot of problems and inconvenience. Often the disease is treated with folk methods that effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason for the formation of a hymorite.

Many of us do not know about such a disease as a sinusitis. Most often, he arises in the cold season and with untimely treatment can bring a lot of problems and inconvenience. Schimorite is an inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, and in particular, the gaymorovy sinuses. The main reason for inflammation is an infection that has fallen on the mucous membrane, which is preserved there for a long period. Unfortunately, samorite symptoms are often confused with ordinary Rougom and choose the wrong treatment method. In addition to the characteristic discharge from the nose, it is also accompanied by Head pains, The embezzlement of the nose, difficult breathing, deterioration of the smell, increased temperature, in some cases the swelling of the nose, century and even swelling of the cheek may appear. If it is not possible to take appropriate measures in time, the sinusitis can turn into a chronic form when the mucous membrane is no longer restored independently and for treatment requires surgery.

Causes of occurrence

People's behavior treatment
The main reason for the occurrence of hymorite is a simple runny nose, which was not eliminated on time. The affected mucous membrane of the nose can not withstand the pathogens of infections, and viruses, mushrooms, chlamydia and t. D. However, the sinusitis may occur as a result of the weakening of the immune system after transferred diseases, colds, influenza, inflammatory processes in the oral cavity, problems with teeth, and even due to overwork and exhaustion of the body. With the slightest signs of sinusitis, you should immediately consult a doctor and start timely treatment. Often, this disease is treated with folk methods, which effectively eliminate not only signs, but also the reason for the formation of a hymorite.


One of the most efficient and most common ways Treating hymorita Is washing nose. This is done with a salt solution. It is preparing at home as follows. In 200 ml of boiled warm water dissolve one tablespoon of sea salt, if there is no marine, then an ordinary cook salt will fit. In the resulting solution, add a few drops of iodine and mix well. The washing procedure is carried out using a medical syringe without a needle. Type a certain amount of solution into it and inject into the nasal hole under high pressure. In this case, the fluid must flow from another nostril.

The saline solution can be replaced with a solution of calendula mixed with a glass of water, or a tincture of a hunter. To do this, it is necessary in 200 ml of boiling water to brew one teaspoon of the Hypericum. After cooling, the solution can be used to wash the nose indicated above.

The washing procedure is recommended for no less than two times a day until complete recovery.


People's behavior treatment
Often the positive effect is inhalation and having heating the respiratory tract. For this, the method well known to all of us is based on the properties of boiled potatoes. Just boil a few large potatoes in the uniform, drain the water, bend over the pan and, covering the top with a towel or plaid, inhale potato pairs. Breathe exclusively to the nose and try to breathe in full breasts. The procedure is carried out until the potatoes cools.

Such properties have a bay leaf, but besides the heating effect, it also has an anti-inflammatory effect, which helps to restore the mucous. Place 10 LM water 10 laurels and boil them for 5 minutes. After that, conduct a procedure for inhalation over the ferry until the decoction cools.

Inhalations can be carried out using essential oils added to hot water, such as eucalyptus oil, pine, tea tree, and t. D.

Inhalation is best in the evening, immediately before bedtime.

Homemade Mazi

For the treatment of hymorite at home, you can use a special, prepared from natural products ointment. It's pretty simple and fast. For cooking you need vegetable oil, honey, milk, onion juice, alcohol and outbuilding soap. All components in equal proportions place in deep container, pre-grinding soaps on the grater, and warm it in a water bath, constantly stirring. Ointment will be ready when the soap is completely melted and the mixture will turn into a homogeneous viscous mass. Then cool the resulting ointment and use it for the treatment of hymoritis. Apply a small amount of ointment onto cotton or gauze tampon and insert it into the nasal passage as deep as possible. Leave the tampon for 10 minutes, after which the tampon with ointment insert into another nostril. This procedure must be done three times a day during the week.

Natural drops

People's behavior treatment
Drops have always been considered an effective way to combat the diseases of the upper respiratory tract, which is why when hyamorite it is necessary to bury the nose specially cooked solutions. Often, natural honey is based on such droplets. To prepare the means, mix on one teaspoon of natural honey, juice of the Yalta bow and potato juice. Folded the mixture in each nostril several times a day.

You can also use honey separately. Liquid honey bury one drop into each nasal hole, while drawing air. In the first few minutes there may be a feeling of complete nose congestion, but it will pass soon.

You can also make drops from aloe juice. Remove the rigid skin from the leaves from the leaves and press the juice from the remaining flesh. Mix it in equal proportions with boiled water and instill the nose with a mixture of 2-3 times a day for a week. Such a solution can be prepared from the juice of Kalanchoe, which is sold in the pharmacy.


Whatever effective methods for the treatment of hymorite, it is better to avoid this disease and not be able to experience them on themselves. To do this, it is necessary to comply with certain rules and follow the recommendations of doctors. First of all, give up smoking. It is it that leads to the weakening of the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and the development of swelling. Review your diet and turn on as many useful products as possible containing the necessary vitamins and microelements. Avoid stress and negative emotions that negatively affect the immunity. Check your body, lead a healthy lifestyle, and then you will certainly succeed to avoid such an unpleasant disease as a sinus.

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