Types of headache and their treatment

Around the world, millions of people suffer from headache, which fluctuates from a moderate attack to an unbearable pain, which, as a rule, is caused by an increase in intracranial pressure or migraine.

Types of headache and their treatment
Around the world, millions of people suffer from headache, which fluctuates from a moderate attack to an unbearable pain, which, as a rule, is caused by an increase in intracranial pressure or migraine. Headache can occur quite often with absolutely healthy people, due to changes in weather or overwork. Often such pain quickly pass without the need to make drugs, or after receiving any painkillers.

On some not yet clear reasons, women suffer from headaches more often than men.

If you are concerned with long and repeating headaches, you should not neglect a visit to a neuropathologist, as well as a medical examination, as chronic headaches may be harbing any serious violations in the body.


Migraine is a pulsating headache, arising from periodically, most often after awakening. During sleep, the pain is usually not felt. In its strength, migraine can be from moderate to unbearable. Typically, such pain is striking one half of the head. Migraine can last up to 72 hours, often accompanied by nausea, vomiting, severely tolerance of light, loud sounds. Doctors still have not defined what causes migraine. It is known that people exposed to migraines have supercharge areas in the brain stem. There is an assumption that the changing level of hormones affects this part of the brain, and perhaps it is from this woman that they suffer from migrains more often than men (for example, menstrual cycle, pregnancy and other hormonal factors).

Hormonal fluctuations are only one explanation of the emergence of migraine. Also, the causes of migraine may be stress, hunger, insomnia, Smells, bright light, sharp foods, food preservatives, weather changes and t.D. The tendency to migraines is usually transmitted by inheritance.

The patient who is disturbed by migraines, prescribe computed tomography, as well as various blood tests.

Headaches arising due to increased or reduced intracranial pressure

Most often, such pains occur due to brain tumors and intracranial hematomas. Such pains are characterized by vomiting, drowsiness, dizziness, usually occur at night or early in the morning. For accurate diagnostics of such headaches, computed tomography are prescribed, they are treated, as a rule, with the help of surgical intervention.

There is also another form of headaches that arise due to an increase in intracranial pressure, but without any formations in the brain. Such pains can be found in young girls or women, with weight exceeding the norm. Along with headaches may also be violations.

Symptoms with such pains - pain in the forehead, temples, a nape or the whole head. Can provoke due to changes in weather, overwork, stress.

«Hortonovskaya» headache

Such a type of headache is often found in men. Pain is characterized by attacks, is very strong and drilling, spreads, as a rule, around the eye, on the temple and forehead. Attacks usually occur at the same time. During such attacks, alcohol cannot be used.

Stress headache

Such a headache is usually caused by voltage. There are emotional (stress, experiences) and muscle tension (neck muscles voltage). People suffering from the headaches of this species, prescribe a computer tomography, as well as a visit to a neuropathologist or even to a psychiatrist, since the headache of the voltage may arise due to a hidden depression.

Headache due to concussion of the brain (brain injury)

Such headaches, as a rule, can last for long years after injury and are accompanied by anxiety, irritability, decrease in attention concentration, dizziness. The patient is usually experiencing that his condition becomes even worse, begins to suffer from depression. With headaches caused by brain concussion, as a rule, sanatorium-resort treatment is required, painkillers.

Cervical headache

Cervical headache can be both middle strength and very strong. Local from the neck in the head, in whiskey, eyes. Such pain may be accompanied by nausea, steering, dizziness. It usually occurs due to sudden cervical movements, fatigue, colds, osteochondrosis.

Spasmodic headaches are easier to treat than migraine, but almost with all headaches can be cope with medicines and methods that can be used independently.

Headache treatment

  1. Under headaches, patented painkillers can be used, such as aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, paracetamol, Tempalgin and other medicines, the range of which is quite wide.
  2. Hot shower will help weaken spastic headaches, as hot water relaxes muscles on the back surface of the neck and head.
  3. Cold compresses are cooled by the painful area, which narrows blood vessels and reduces pain ripple. Wrap a package with ice cubes in a towel and attach a painful area for about 10-15 minutes.

Alternative treatment

  1. Pyrethrum Girl - Healing Grass, which was used by hundreds of years ago for the treatment of headaches. It contains components that remove the spasms of blood vessels in the brain. If you use the fresh girl's fresh pyrethrum, eat one piece per day. Dose of tablets or capsules should not exceed 300 mg per day. The tincture of fresh plants must be taken by 40 drops.
  2. As it turned out, such a fragrant dining area as rosemary prevents some headaches related to stress. Rosemary allows you to resist the spasms of blood vessels. The best way to use rosemary - brew it like tea. Fill one teaspoon of dry leaf rosemary glass boiling water, cover, let it brew 10 minutes, strain and drink.
  3. Other folk remedies, whose healing properties can be found from the relevant reference books.

Long-term solutions

  1. If you lead an active lifestyle, eat more fluid. In some people who are engaged in physical exercises, cases of migraine attacks often observed. This may be due to the dehydration of the body. To prevent it, you need to drink about two liters of water per day.
  2. Most often, the cells of the brain in people who suffer from migraines receive an insufficient amount of the necessary components, and therefore energy. The only known method with which you can increase the production of energy and prevent headaches, is. What you need periodically «Safety» Brain cell vitamin B2, known as Riboflavin.
  3. Try to cut the doses of caffeine, it can help reduce the frequency of headaches.
  4. Adhere to the schedule of sleep. Make sure that your bedroom is dark enough and quietly, and nothing breaks. When you sleep, your body is restored, including the brain.
  5. Try to rest more and spend time outdoors. The lack of oxygen is also a significant cause of headaches.

Medical treatments

  1. Each patient who is worried about chronic headaches, as a rule, a medical examination is needed. It is necessary in order to detect or eliminate hazardous types of headaches and assign treatment that will be as effective as possible, will give the best results and save material tools and time. Types of surveys that can be assigned to the patient:
    • reception of the ENT doctor;
    • reception of a neurologist;
    • receiving a psychiatrist;
    • general blood analysis;
    • Special blood tests;
    • Radiography of the cervical spine with functional samples;
    • Computer tomography brain;
    • Computer tomography apparent Pashes nose.
    • Ultrasound of the vessels of the head and neck
    • Ask your doctor about soothing. Migraine drugs are divided into two main groups: those that prevent migraine, and those that can quickly remove pain when attacking. Usually, in order to stop the migraine, which has already begun, doctors prescribe such medicines as: subpectapant, risatriptan, paraptitan and zindriptan.
    • Manual therapy. Professionals who own manual therapy technique can reveal and eliminate the cause of the disease for several sessions.
    • Massage.
    • Igloreflexotherapy.
    • Therapeutic injections of Botox. Injection of small doses of botox in Mimic muscles leads to a resistant to therapeutic effect - the removal of tension headaches, and also that is not unavailable, smoothing the mimic wrinkles.

    Remember that any pain is a kind of signal about any violation or damage in the body. Headache, as, in principle, and any other, is just a symptom. If you prefer to engage in self-medication, keep in mind that the abuse of medicines can lead to serious liver diseases, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract, the occurrence of allergies. Do not neglect by experts, an experienced doctor will always help clarify the reasons for headaches, to make a diagnosis and carry out adequate treatment. We have one, and you need to take care of it.

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