10 masks of one disease


  • Shoot - not to shoot?
  • If the hormones are not enough
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  • Shoot - not to shoot?

    10 masks of one disease The thyroid is a very important hormonal organ: regulates and metabolism, and heat exchange, and nervous system… In general, much. Even too much: when there are several, it would seem, different health problems, we will last remember the thyroid and we are looking for the reasons for each symptom separately, recording a pile of different doctors and telling everyone only part of the general picture. Of course, experts are bred by their hands: By their parts you are completely healthy.

    It is necessary to go to the endocrinologist: a simple analysis on hormones of the thyroid gland will show where such different symptoms came from. And the doctor will explain that the situation in the thyroid house is something similar to a charged gun: the charge function is performed by genetic predisposition, and the role of the trigger - the factors of the external environment - stress, infection, tan, iodine deficiency…

    If the rifle is Taki «Heat», Disorders in the work of the thyroid gland. Its activity and, accordingly, the level of hormones in the blood can both decrease and increase. Different in these cases will not only treat methods, but also «Masks», under which such states often hide.

    If the hormones are not enough

    Color of the skin. You have noticed that the skin has become yellowish with a peach shade, just like girls on the canvas of Engra and Fragonar: languid, continued with gentle thickening of the top of the neck and amber face and body. First that comes to mind, – Oh horror, I have jaundice! Sometimes diagnosed «hepatitis» Doctors and doctors, forgetting that such a skin color happens and with an insufficient function of the thyroid gland - hypothyroidism. The lack of her hormones in the blood disrupts the transformation of the yellow carotene pigment in Vitamin A, which is happening in the body of a healthy person.

    Template to constipation.Do you think you have problems with digestion, and in fact it may be the same hypothyroidism. Stones in the bustling bubble - Also one of the typical masks lack of hormones of the thyroid gland.

    Heart sobs.Are you sure it is «usual» myocarditis? It is worth checking the thyroid. The lack of her hormones affects the work of the heart, can cause a deceleration of the rhythm - less than 60 strikes per minute, heart failure, reduced or, on the contrary, increased pressure. Hypothyroidism is often accompanied by a deficiency of iron and folic acid.

    Excess weight.Everyone who even on a strict diet is losing weight with difficulty, you must first check the work of the thyroid gland. The lack of hormones violates the metabolism, primarily lipid: excess cholesterol is accumulated in the blood, atherosclerosis and obesity develops.

    Menstrual cycle disorders.Menstruation can become rich, more durable or stop at all. With hypothyroidism, libido is often reduced, the dryness of the vagina is developing, moma, ovarian polycystosis can be formed, hair on face, abdomen, chest.

    Sensitivity to cold. Since the hormones of the thyroid houses are responsible for thermoregulation, when they are short enough, the body temperature is often reduced – Already up to 30 degrees! It is not surprising that a person is constantly frozen, feels lethargy and fatigue. Another manifestation of hypothyroidism may be a tendency to frequent infections: because thyroid hormones stimulate immunity.

    Night snoring.In hypothyroidism due to violation of the water and salt metabolism, swelling appear. If the language and larynx swells – Sharpets snoring. Voice ligament swelling lowers voice timbre. The senses may suffer – There are vision disorders (especially twilight), rumor decreases, interferes with ringing in the ears. Fishing tissue squeeze the nerves in the wrist, and because of this, numbness appears in the hands.

    Joint pain.The cause of arthritis can be all the same hypothyroidism. It is able to cause metabolic disorders associated with an increase in uric acid level, and as a result - gout.

    Depression.It has been established that from 8 to 14% of people who diagnosed «depression», in fact suffer by hypothyroidism. Quite often, these two diseases are difficult to distinguish, especially in the initial stage of the hypothyroidism, when depression may be the only symptom.

    If the hormones are a lot

    You are very much looting lately, often irritate on trifles, experiencing constant mood swings. It is often to blame the excess hormones of the thyroid. Most often, he arises from enough young women with a certain hereditary predisposition. They have a certain failure in the work of the immune system, as a result, thyrotoxicosis develops – The hardest condition associated with excess hormones of the thyroid gland in the body. There are severe weakness, arrhythmia, weight is dramatically lost.

    Hyperthyroidism is treated in different ways. If the thyroid is not much increased, the doctor may write drugs blocking the production of its thyroid hormones. Efficiency, unfortunately, is small – around 30%.

    In other cases, it is necessary to approach radically – Remove most of the thyroid gland, surgically or radioactive iodine. The last way causes many panic fear – Still, radio fleaphobia in our country at height. In fact, this method is safe and very effective. Radioactive iodine enters the body in insignificant doses, the action of which is strictly calculated. So danger to the body is minimal. It can be done without surgery.

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