Myths about hair loss


    Myths about hair loss

    Although Medicine has dispelled most of the myths related to hair loss and baldness in men, some of them still remain quite popular. And unfortunately, these myths still believe. However, even the most implausible legends have some scientific substantiation.

    Scientific myths

    Myths about hair lossThe most common myth for hair loss in men explains the male baldness by the fact that the genetic predisposition to it is inherited from the mother. However, this statement is absolutely wrong. Male baldness is manifested due to genetic heredity, but the gene responsible for hair loss can be transferred from any of the parents and not only from them. It can be transferred to any of the more older generation relatives, in addition, it can inactivate for several generations, before manifest itself again.

    Another popular myth of baldness states that the daily loss of some hair (usually about 100) is a direct sign of hereditary baldness. This statement is also erroneous as the first. Daily loss from 20 to 100 hair does not speak at all about any violations in the work of the body. Hair loss is mainly due to the intensity of their growth. If you are worried about the number of drop-down hair, pay attention to the degree of their growth, maybe there is no reason for concern.

    Well, the third myth convinces people that by special processing and treatment you can increase the amount of hair growing on the head. As in the two previous cases, it does not correspond to reality. Each person is born with an exact hair number that will remain unchanged throughout his life. Exception of this rule is possible only in the case of surgical intervention, such as hair transplantation.

    Myths of excessive hair care

    Myths about hair lossAnother area for bald myths is an excessive concern for them, associated with the use of large quantities of various shampoos and cosmetics. Most of these myths have no reason.
    The most famous fiction in this category argues that the use of large quantities of various hair care products can cause premature loss of their. Contrary to this opinion, hair loss can be caused by a disease, some types of treatment and genetic heredity. But it never happens due to the use of shampoos and other cosmetics.

    You can't harm your hair every day combing them or periodically making a new hairstyle. As long as you are neat in the methods of care for their hair, your hair will not have any damage. The only option in which it becomes possible to cause harm to hair, is the use of listed means and methods of care with already damaged hair or under the progressive disease of the hairproof head. In the event that excessive use of cosmetics or frequent combing can enhance hair loss, but will never be its root cause.

    Another of the common myths about hair resting says that if you trim your hair, when they grow again, their diameter will increase. Of course, this statement has nothing to do with the truth, but it is easy to understand the causes of this opinion. When a person shaves his hair on her face or legs, then reflecting again, they become thicker and rude. This is because the hair growing on the human body and hair growing on the head have different origins and have different properties. The haircut is only capable of making your hair shorter, but increase the diameter of the hair and the speed of their growth it cannot, no matter how many times you will cut or shave your head.

    Other hair loss myths

    Although most of the myths about hair loss have some scientific justification, there are also those that cannot be explained anyhow.

    One of such such myths argues that the constant wearing of a hat leads to premature baldness. In fact, if the hat you wear is not so small that it can cause a circulatory disorder, even if you do not shoot it 24 hours a day all 7 days a week, it will not affect the growth and loss of hair.

    Does blood circulation affect the growth and hair loss? Blood circulation in the area of ​​the head can really affect the growth and loss of hair. Hair, like other organs, needs a constant and sufficient influx of blood supplied to roots nutrients and oxygen necessary for their growth. However, circulatory disorders will not cause growth or hair loss if it is not blocked completely. For example, the opinion that the head stand contributes to the growth of the hair, as it increases blood flow, absolutely unreasonably.

    In conclusion, it will be about one of the most interesting misconceptions, hiding around the topic of hair loss around the topic. It argues that no means that prevent hair loss does not exist. Fortunately, many specialists are absolutely opposite. And they argue that at present the market presents a huge selection of effective hair care products. With their help, you can treat damaged hair and prevent their loss. If you notice that hair loss intensified, you should find a suitable tool that will help solve this problem before it becomes too serious.

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