How to recognize pituitary nanice


    Symptoms and signs of the disease

    How to recognize pituitary naniceRelief delay is detected in the first months of the child's life, less often - in puberty. The body retains the proportions characteristic of children's age. Noted: Loofing of the skeleton of the skeleton from age, delayed detection. Dry skin, pale, wrinkled; Weak development of subcutaneous fluid fiber, sometimes excessive fat deposition on chest, abdomen, thighs. Muscular system in such patients is developed markedly weaker.

    With the nanisame, there is a decrease in the production of genital hormones (hypogonadism), which is manifested in the form of failure of sexual development. In men suffering from this disease, sex glands and sexual member are reduced compared to age norms, the scrotum is underdeveloped, there is a lack of secondary sexual signs. In women, hypogonadism is manifested in the form of a lack of menstruation, underdevelopment of the dairy glands and secondary sexual signs.

    Mental development normal.

    For patients, a decrease in the size of the internal organs is characterized by hypotension (reduction in blood pressure), bradycardia (heartbeat resistance). Possible phenomena of secondary hypothyroidism (reduction of the function of the thyroid gland).


    How to recognize pituitary naniceTo confirm the disease, it is necessary:

    • Give blood tests and urine on growth hormone and others. The choice of necessary analyzes will determine the doctor, he will prescribe hormonal samples. The essence of the sample in the next must be supplied to the hormones, then take the medicine and after some time it is reused again.
    • Perform the radiography of the skull and the region of the Turkish saddle to determine the size of the pituitary.

    The following studies can be appointed:

    • Magnetic resonance (MRI) or computed tomography (CT) brain — Painless procedures with which you can consider in detail the pituitary area and the surrounding brain areas.
    • Consultation Okulista.

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