Basic Symptoms of Basady Disease


  • The reasons for the development of the goiter diffuse toxic
  • Basic symptoms of the disease
  • The course of the disease

  • The reasons for the development of the goiter diffuse toxic

    Basic Symptoms of Basady DiseaseDiffuse toxic goiter or Basedov disease is a disease that is characterized by an increase in the function of the thyroid gland, accompanied by an increase in its size, due to autoimmune processes in the body. Autoimmune diseases occur during the defect system of immunity, when the immune system in the human body produces substances damaging their own cells. In the case of diffuse toxic goiter, the lymphocytes produce an anomalous protein that stimulates the thyroid gland. This protein was called «long-acting thyroid stimulant».

    For reasons capable of calling the Basedov disease, belong:

    • Hereditary predisposition
    • Long chronic foci of infection in the body

    Especially often contribute to the occurrence of diffuse toxic goiter chronic angina. The risk of developing the disease in the presence of other autoimmune processes (diabetes, Addison disease, hypoparathyroidism, vitiligo).

    Contribute to the emergence of toxic goiter and various viral infections. There may be a disease after the introduction in order to survey the radioactive iodine. The diffuse toxic goiter frequency is high enough: one of 100 people is sick. Diseases are subject to people of all ages, but the women of young and middle age are most often ill.

    Basic symptoms of the disease

    In the early stages of development, the disease can leak imperceptibly. In addition, the manifestation of the disease is so diverse that this may impede the correct diagnosis. At the beginning of the disease, the patient may complain about sleeping, mood swings, high sweating, heartbeat attacks, trembling in fingers. More specific features are weight loss, with a normal appetite and poor heat tolerance. Sick hot even in cold weather. Basic Symptoms of Basady Disease

    Over time, trembling becomes more pronounced, can tremble the whole body. Patients of fussy, their skin is wet. There is a dark skin coloring throughout the body, the most pronounced in the region. Sometimes there is a sealing of the skin in the field of the legs and the stop in the form of a dense edema. Thyroid gland increases, becomes noticeable. When tugs, it is usually dense and painless.

    Specific symptom for illness are changes from the eye. Eyes shine, they are widely disclosed, flashing rare. When looking down at open eyes, a white strip appears above the pupil, although the eyelo is usually lowered after the eyeball. Eye apple looks enlarged and emitted. Eyelids can be edema. Due to the violation of the enemy apple food, various types of infection can join and conjunctivitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the eye). There is a violation of the eagle apple eating, neuritis of the optic nerve occurs. Ultimately, all these changes can lead to blindness.

    One of the heavier manifestations of the Based Disease is violations from the cardiovascular system. The patient is worried about the rapid heartbeat, which remains even during sleep, there are violations of cardiac rhythm. Many older patients have an attacks of angina. The blood pressure increases. Life-threatening outcome can be heart failure.

    Under the influence of the increased function of the thyroid gland, the motorcy of the gastrointestinal tract is intensified, nausea arise, less often vomiting, diarrhea. An excess of thyroid hormones has toxic effect on the liver and can develop fatty dystrophy. The lesion of thyroid hormones of the central nervous system is characterized by the occurrence of headaches, insomnia, dizziness, alarming states. The excessive function of the thyroid gland usually leads to a violation of the work of other endocrine organs. Violates the work of the genital glands. In women, it may be accompanied by a disruption of menstrual function, infertility. Men decreases potency. Reduced products of hormones of adrenal cortex. Glucose exchange is violated and risk of sugar diabetes increases.

    The course of the disease

    For the flow of three degrees of the Based Disease:

    • Light
    • Middle
    • Heavy

    With a mild patient's condition satisfactory. Heart rate does not exceed 100 shots per minute. Weight decreases no more than 10%.

    The average degree of diffuse toxic goiter is characterized by a heart rate above 100 per minute, an increase in blood pressure, weight loss to 20% of the initial.

    With severe patient weight decreases by more than 20%, the heart rate is more than 120 per minute, there are signs of lesion of other organs and systems.

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