• What are the causes of hypothyroidism?
  • How hypothyroidism is manifested
  • Treatment of hypothyroidism
  • Prevention of hypothyroidism

  • Hypothyroidism is related to the disadvantage of the production of thyroid hormones. These hormones are responsible for memory and intelligent functions. That is why patients with hypothyroidism so often complain about forgetfulness.

    What are the causes of hypothyroidism?

    • The defeat of the thyroid gland
    • Related diseases of the thyroid gland, for example, inflammation.
    • Removal or irradiation of the thyroid gland.
    • The presence of tumors of the front lobe of the pituitary.

    How hypothyroidism is manifested?

    HypothyroidismFrom the gastrointestinal tract: constipation, bad appetite.

    From the nervous system: Small activity, lethargy, lack of interest in the surrounding, drowsiness, zyabacity, fuzziness speech. Patients notice the reduction of intelligence, it is difficult for them to remember anything. Many patients complain of depression.

    From the reproductive system: infertility violations of the menstrual cycle. Untreated hypothyroidism causes interruption of each second pregnancy. If pregnancy is preserved, then the likelihood of the birth of a sick child. Before planning pregnancy, hypothyroidism is necessary, since this disease affects the physical and mental development of the future child.

    Anemia: Blood formation functions are broken.

    Hypothyroidism is manifested by nail fragility, hair becomes dry and fall out. The skin changes the color to yellowish or has «peach» Tint. The voice becomes hoarse, lower. Face features become coarse, characterized by the increase in lips.

    Congenital hypothyroidism. It occurs when a shortage of newborn hormones, which produces thyroid gland. Signs of the disease are: long period of gestation (41-42 weeks), high body weight at birth (about 4 kg.), hindered with a waste of meconia, hoarse voice, lethargy. If the disease is not treated, there is a delay in mental and engine development. For this reason, it is necessary to appoint adequate therapy.

    Treatment of hypothyroidism

    • Synthetic preparations of thyroid hormones
    • Joda preparations
    • Strict control over the development of the disease: tests for hormones every six months. To the treatment of the disease, it is necessary to approach the extremely responsible, among its complications there are very heavy – For example, a hypothyroid coma, which causes death in 80% of cases.

    Prevention of hypothyroidism

    The prevention of the disease plays an important role. Eat food rich in iodine and microelements. Enter sea fish, seafood and algae in your diet.

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