And the disease will retreat


  • And the disease will retreat
  • How to treat disease?

  • And the disease will retreat

    Now, when you read it, you are in one of the most difficult situations in which a person may turn out to be: the need for sufficiently unpleasant diagnostic procedures, the situation of uncertainty, the danger of developing a serious illness - all this creates additional psychological difficulties for you.

    And the disease will retreatYour anxiety is largely based on the uncertainty you encountered. You do not understand everything, and you have no vital information. The reality is such that most of these difficulties will have to be overcome independently, despite the maximum assistance of doctors and warm support from your loved ones.

    But in the fight against your misfortune you are not alone, and, moreover, you are not the first person who fell into a similar situation. Yes, it is extremely unpleasant and, undoubtedly, causes you the most painful feelings in you, but the worst thing you can do now is to take it "Position of Ostrich", who hides the head in the sand, thinking that thus got rid of all problems.

    You choose: Pleasant ignorance or unpleasant knowledge. Just remember that pleasant ignorance will sooner or later end, and the unpleasant truth may be even unpleasant during this time.

    Even worse, apathy and despair, as they will exhaust the forces that you will need for treatment. Active, energetic people are much better tolerated diseases, are less suspended, faster and easier recover. Still old doctors noticed that the wounds of the winners were heal faster than the same wounds of the defeated!

    In oncology, it is noted that as soon as a person succumbs in despair, his disease immediately begins to flow worse. And, on the contrary, patients who join the path of active struggle, despite the fact that they were in the worst state, often recovered.

    Do not succumb to fear. Fear will prevent adequate to assess the situation, find a reasonable way out. All your strength will leave only "Experience", while you need to act. Despair, fear paralyzed forces and worsen the body's activities. The more the person is afraid, the more hides from reality; The more he hides, the smaller he has the opportunity to understand the situation and find at least some kind of way out.

    How to treat disease?

    There are several common types of disease attitude. Can be considered a disease with an unpleasant situation, it is possible - the enemy you need to win. Both in this case suitable because it helps the right device. Much worse to start refers to yourself as a victim, and sorry yourself. It is just as hopeless, as indulging in despair. Time it takes a lot, but no useful results bring no. Remember that the hardest thing happened, and now you are under the supervision of specialists, and in any case you have a chance to cure.

    And the disease will retreatDo not blame her head over the question "Why this happened to me"? Answer to such questions has not yet been able to find anyone, but to feel a victim or a loser you will be fully.

    In the current situation, it is better to concentrate on what you can do, rather than why it happened.

    You can take an active position, try to actively participate in the diagnostic and medical process. You will have a sense of complete control over the situation, the feeling of anxiety will decrease and the conviction will appear in that none of the necessary treatment components will be missed. No one will never react to your business more carefully than you yourself.

    Possible passive position, adhering to which you fully rely on the knowledge of experts. You do not bother with obviously meaningless attempts to independently solve issues - because you obviously will not be enough knowledge or forces. You are so in a difficult situation, and it is not worth exacerbating it, trying to solve problems that are in the competence of specialists. Special issues should solve specialists, and it is better not to interfere with them, rushing under the legs.

    Best try to find a reasonable compromise between "Active" and "Passive" positions, taking on the fact that you can actually decide, leaving the doctor to do what he will do better. In the fight against the disease, it is better to speak in unity with the doctor, and for this it is necessary to build relationships based on mutual trust and cooperation.

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