The story of one life


    How I raised my son

    I dedicated my child and his problem all my life. Now that my son is already an adult, a student, with a normal male growth (182 centimeters), I help other parents. I help, because I remember very well how hard it is – be one on one with misfortune.

    The story of one lifeThe first thing is the parents when the child does not grow and is diagnosed «Cerebral pituitary nanism», – This shock. You realize that you do not understand anything and you can not help your child. It's all like snow on the head! Most of us usually have one child – imagine what the diagnosis for the mother means? Someone begins depression, someone – hysterics. Many of my comrades in misfortune – people educated, intelligent, socially prosperous, nevertheless, at the initial stage, practically nothing knows about this disease. Up to five years, approximately parents do not suspect anything at all. The child does not differ from his peers – the same cheerful, sociable, well, is that a little small. All parents hope: my child will grow, we will eat carrots, drink vitamins and grow. However, this, unfortunately, does not happen.

    When my son was diagnosed «pituitary nanism», She walked 1983. Since then, my Naitaria began. I understood that help from your district endocrinologists would not find. After all, endocrinology – Very specific area. The doctor not only should be a specialist, but also have the necessary arsenal: the ability to conduct research and subsequent treatment. Until now, in many district hospitals, doctors do not have the opportunity to make a diagnosis. All tests that are used for analyzes, very expensive, medicines – And more expensive.

    Where I only went when I learned about my son's illness, even addressed the sorcerers, but I quickly realized that it was all unpromising, you need to look for support from doctors. Began to bypass all the departments of endocrinology, knocking in all doors. I read a lot of special literature. Years walked. Perestroika has come. Together with the shocks there was a layer of obsolete barriers, a new information was collapsed on us. Then it became possible to really help our children. We were treated by all the preparations available at that time, starting with those that were subsequently prohibited. In our experience, the most effective and gentle for the body are still two Growth Hormone Preparation – Genotropin and Norditropin. And move well and the growth effect is good.

    And in 1983 there were no effective drugs that are now successfully helping lower children grow. Not yet synthesized growth hormone. Hooding from a pituitism of cattle (somatotropin), which was used at the time, subsequently (in 1987) was prohibited to use in the children's practice of WHO. The reason for the prohibition is that there are still no fairly effective cleaning systems, including slow viral infections in biological material.

    These viruses – Prions, introduced into a brain tissue, can subsequently cause very heavy diseases like cow's rabies. Artificially synthesized growth hormone was first obtained in 1985 by Genentec (Jententek), he was called Protropin and became the first preparation of growth hormone. Then there were drugs firms «Cabin Pharmacy» (This is one of the firms that subsequently entered the structure «Pharmacy») and lei lill – This is Genotropin and Humatrop. Now there are already several firms produce this hormone under different names.

    1992 actually became the year of the birth of the Association. It was then that the congress of endocrinologists, concerned about our problem. Parents of children suffering from pituitary nanism were invited to the congress. However, only five people came. Then I realized that the reason was not only disbelief in our medicine, but also purely psychological problems. Adults, whose children are sophisticated, very wounded, they need the help of a psychologist, but very rarely resorted to it. Not wanting to advertise trouble that fell on their family, they are trying to protect their children from extra injury. But this position is incorrect because children are even more suffering from this closed.

    We are completely and nearby come across cases when treatment started very late. Growth zones stay open in girls to sixteen - nineteen years old, boys – Slightly longer. Of course, it's all very individually, and yet the earlier treatment has begun, the better the result. My son was the fourteenth year, when finally gninen-ventricular growth hormones appeared. His growth was 1 m 35 cm at that time. We took the drug for four years. Every year, my son smasted 10 centimeters – it's a good stable result. Too intense growth – Also a very large load for the body. Heart, other muscles do not have time to quickly increase bone tissue. Here you need to carefully follow the child, clearly fulfill all the recommendations of the doctor. It is very difficult to do it if you live far from large medical centers.

    Parents of those children who had to go through all Naitaria «Piercing» drugs, psychologically injured. It was very difficult for me to find like-minded people, assistants to work in the Association. Many kept apart, closed in their problems. Our children were not treated from an early age and therefore tasted all the difficulties of life «Little» man. This, unfortunately, do not pass without a trace.

    BUT.M. Myasoyedov,
    Chairman of the Association of Lights

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