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  • Under Diabete signA heart

    If the atherosclerosis is usually developed by the years 50-60, then the diabetics is already affected by 40. The same applies to the consequence of atherosclerosis - ischemic heart disease. Moreover, a person may not feel pain, and the attacks of angina pass are unsubstituted.

    Often the patient does not recognize for his illness for a long time. In women with diabetes, the heart attacks are much more often. Diabetic infarction can also begin without pain in the heart. Therefore, diabetics should take her heart especially. Regularly make an ECG, constantly, and more than once from the time, take cardiac drugs.


    All diabetics with age increases blood pressure, but patients may not feel. Meanwhile, the kidneys amazed from high pressure, vision is disturbed, the risk of getting a heart attack or stroke increases. So pressure must be controlled by measuring at least twice a day. And, of course, to regularly take the means to reduce pressure.

    At the same time, you need to know: diabetics are contraindicated by most drugs, effectively lowering pressure and at the same time preventing angina attacks. Propranolol (anaprilin), oxprenolol, nifedipine and verapamil cause an increase in blood sugar or a sharp decline. Cloofelin can also increase sugar.

    Pressure is difficult to reduce without diuretic, however, they are contraindicated in diabetes. With caution it is necessary to take nitroglycerin, sland and nitrong. But this does not mean that there is nothing to be treated. There is a whole group of drugs that not only reduce pressure and improve the work of the heart, but also positively affect the work of the kidneys and vessels. These are drugs such as Kapoten, Enapa and Monophil.


    As already mentioned, diabetes hit the kidneys - a diabetic nephropathy develops, leading to an increase in pressure and renal failure. The elderly almost always joins the pyelonephritis: Sweet urine - an excellent reproduction medium of bacteria. Like other diseases, pyelonephritis is hidden for a long time. In order to detect it on time, read the urine regularly not only on sugar, but also for a general analysis, and on the analysis of non-Corporenko.

    Older people tend to cystitis, besides, they are easy to quick and often suffer from urinary incontinence. With this problem, too, you can cope if you treat pyelonephritis with cystitis and maintain low blood sugar levels.


    Diabetes and Atherosclerosis are affected by the vessels, so the elderly frequent trophic ulcers on the legs and, more worse, gangrene. First signs circulatory disorders - Headiness of legs, numbness, goosebumps and pain when walking.

    Diabetes decreases sensitivity, and patients do not feel that finally legs or hurt. And anyone, even a small ring of diabetics is rapidly infected. Therefore, the legs must be kept in absolute clean, carefully cut the nails, watch if there are no signs of blood circulation.


    It is noticed that women, patients with diabetes, climax comes earlier and proceeds heavier, with nervous disorders, contributing to progression. During the climax from the bones, calcium is actively washed, they become fragile, breaking even with minor injuries. Against the background of elevated sugar, inflammatory diseases of female genital organs arise. Therefore, it is important to consult a gynecologist-endocrinologist.

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