All about Addison's disease


Addison disease

The insufficiency of the adrenal cortex function is acute and chronic. Chronic lack of adrenal cortex can be primary and secondary.

Lack of adrenal cortex arises as a result of destruction
tissue of the adrenal and secondary insufficiency of adrenal cortex
is the result of the impaired hypothalamic-pituitary regulation
(Production of adrenocorticotropic hormone pituitary and corticoliberine

Secondary insufficiency of adrenal cortex
arises with the diseases of the brain with the lion of the pituitary or
hypothalamus (brain tumors, brain injuries, after
operations on the brain, after radiation therapy, with various

Primary chronic lack of bark
The adrenal glands develops if less than 10-15% is saved and functions
Adrenal fabrics. To the predisposing factors of the illness of Addison

  • infectious diseases (syphilis, tuberculosis, fungal adrenal diseases);
  • amyloidosis of adrenal glands;
  • HIV infection.

The most frequent disease leading to the primary chronic
insufficiency of adrenal glands, was tuberculosis. Now more than 80%
Diseases have autoimmune nature and are called - idiopathic
Atrophy of the adrenal cortex. At the same time in the body for an unknown yet
The reason is violated by the system of immune control, and formed
Autoantilee, destructive cells of their own adrenal glands.

Manifestations of Addison's disease

All about Addison's disease
The lack of adrenal cortex usually begins gradually. IN
The beginning appears complaints about weakness, fatigue, especially in the evening.
Sometimes such a weakness occurs only after exercise or
Stressful situations. Worsen appetite, patients often sick
cold illness. There is bad solar tolerance
Radiation accompanied by a resistant tan.

With the flow of illness
Addison Muscular weakness is becoming increasingly pronounced. Patient
hard to exercise any movements. Even the voice becomes quiet.
The mass of the body is reduced. Almost all patients appear persistent
hyperpigmentation (strengthening of skin color), especially in friction places
clothes, in open places of the body to be tanning, increases
Coloring of nipples, lips, cheeks. There is a persistent decrease in arterial
Pressure, cardiac rhythm. There are violations from
Gastrointestinal tract: nausea, vomiting, constipation, replacing diarrhea.
The amount of blood glucose is reduced. Breaks the work of the kidneys, often
Manifesting night urine. From the central nervous
Systems There are violations of attention, memory, depressive states. W
women in connection with the lack of androgens fall the hair on the pubis and in
Middle Wpads.

Diagnosis of Addison Disease

Addison's diseases are carried out on the basis of complaints and appearance
Patients, resistant reduction in blood pressure, bad tolerability
Physical Loads.

In the blood of patients discover:

  • decrease in cortisol content;
  • Increased potassium content;
  • decrease in sodium levels;
  • Increased corticotropin content.

Treatment of Addison's disease

lies in stimulation of the synthesis of own hormones of the bark
adrenal glands and substitution therapy with corticosteroids. Assign
high carbohydrate diet sufficient
Cooking salt, protein food and vitamins, especially ascorbic
Acid. If the condition of patients is good, replacement therapy
glucocorticoids can be assigned only for periods of stressful

However, mostly these patients need constant
receiving glucocorticoids, some additionally assign and
Mineralocorticoids. The main drug is hydrocortisone
(Cortisol, Cortef). Less often used prednisone, dexamethasone,

The main principle of treatment of primary failure
adrenal cortex consists in sufficient purpose of hormonal
replacement therapy to achieve compensation for the disease, while
try not to overdose the drug.

If a sick disease
Addison needed surgery on any other organ,
Operation is performed under the condition of intravenous administration of hydrocortisone
During the operation and during the postoperative period, the usual dose
Hormones rises. In young women suffering from primary chronic
pregnancy and childbirth are possible, subject to magnification
Doses of accepted hormonal drugs.

With timely
diagnosis and timely prescribed adequate treatment
Addison, favorable forecast. However, patients cannot engage
severe physical labor, and should know that any stress
Impact may require an increase in the dose of accepted hormonal

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