Sick question - or whether you need «raise» immunity?


What briefly need to know about immunity?

  • Sick question & ndash; And whether it is needed & laquo; increase & raquo; immunity?Immunity is created and supported by the immune system
  • The immune system is not abstract, but material — She has its own organs and their cells
  • Blood cells and cells of the immune system coincide (for the most part)
  • Immunity there are two species that perform their functions in different sequences and at different speeds.
  • In protecting against infections, the leading role is played by immunity congenital, which Ru-cuts the launch of the acquired and subsequent work.

And now let's talk about it more.

The unified protection of the body from infections and everything is alien to us provide two inextricably linked systems operating simultaneously performing each of their definite function, which give us what we call in one word «immunity».

Immune systems — Congenital and acquired sometimes identical tasks, but in different sequences and at different speeds.

In protection against infections, the leading role is played by immunity congenital, which manages the launcher acquired and his subsequent work.

The more congenital immunity differs from the acquired?

We are born with immunity congenital. Congenital immunity — this is what unites us is absolutely identical in each of us, functions and does not change from birth to death.

Acquired immunity at birth sterile, if you can say so. It is formed by I «Gust» After contact with pathogens and after vaccination (yes - yes). He is gaining his own «Antigenic background», as they would tell us doctors immunologists. As «Meetings» Memory cells and antibodies are formed with causative agents and vaccines.

Acquired immunity — This is what distinguishes us from each other, we are all «armed» differently.

In more detail about the immunite and the mechanism of its action, you can read here — «Just about the difficult — All you would like to know about immunity».

How we protect against infections?

Any pathogens or any individual structures that have come to mucous membranes, nasophases, lungs or inside the body «Flip out» Phagocytians. Phagocytes (from Greek. Phagein, «eat» and «-Cyte», cell) — These are all the famous neutrophils, monocytes and tissue macrophages, the number of which we define in general blood test.

Phagocytes are on the guard of all alien, absorb this agent, digest and remove. I.e «Running» First line protection — Congenital immunity. He and his cells take a majority «Atak» microbial world.

If «Election» The causative agent did not happen, then there is a turn more subtle and long customizable second protection line — Acquired immunity, ending with the formation of antibodies and memory cells.

In order to get rid of the disease, treatment is necessary to combat its cause — causative agent (viruses, bacteria, microbes). For the treatment and prevention of further «Repeat» Diseases are necessary «Normalizers» immunity that help restore the protective forces of the body. To such means refers, for example, the drug Licopid 1 mg.

Why Disease Returns?

If in the disease is to blame «pathogens», then who is to blame for the fact that diseases are regularly returned? In order to find the cause, you need to answer a few questions.

If you have:

  • Recently, the number of colds has increased
  • There were more than 2 antibiotics courses over the past year
  • There is more than 3 cases of bacterial sinusitis during the year or the presence of chronic sinusitis
  • Herpes with frequent relapses
  • Frequent exacerbations of chronic bronchitis
  • Repeating bacterial infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissue (furunculosis, piedermium and others.)
  • Fungal lesions of skin and mucous membranes («thrush» or candidiasis and others.)
  • There were 2 cases of pneumonia during any period
  • More than 4 cases of infectious eye diseases have happened during the year
  • The beginning of a banal infection leads to the development of unreasonably severe complications,...

Each item in this list signals «deficiency immunity» or acquired immunodeficiency. Under the mask unlike each other, but often repetitive infections hides one common cause — Failure in the work of protective systems of the body.

The key to recovery — In complex therapy

Therefore, with repeated diseases, it is not worth making an unambiguous conclusion about the ineffectiveness of a particular medication.

Therapy itself may be ineffective due to the absence of an adequate response of your immunity. But understanding the importance of immunotherapy, many mistakenly begin to perceive immunochargers, as a panacea from all the troubles, losing confidence in anti-virus drugs or fear of antibiotics. And as a result, trying to recover with the immuno-modulator, often sick people also do not get the desired result.

The key to solving the problem lies in complex therapy: with the causative agent of the disease, the drug is struggling aimed at combating the cause of the disease, and the reception of immunomodulators allows

Your immunity to give an adequate answer of external aggression and defend against it.

How can we estimate the effect of immunomodulators?

The result is important. We can appreciate the effect of treatment only when we stop disturbing frequent colds, sinusitis, we will forget the word «tonsillitis» and frequent herpes. Only then will we feel that immunomodulators «Work».

But to evaluate how effectively this or that drug is working not only on its own experience, for this there are clinical studies.

The drug with clinically proven effectiveness with the greatest probability will help patients pain.

The purpose of clinical studies is Evaluation of the safety and efficiency of incidence and exacerbations of chronic diseases with the use of an immunomodulatory drug in comprehensive therapy.

The main criterion of efficiency — The frequency of episodes of diseases and exacerbations of chronic diseases a year after the treatment with the use of the immunomodulator and placebo.

The results of such studies lead to a significant reduction in the incidence rate within one year after the course of immunotherapy.

Sick question & ndash; And whether it is needed & laquo; increase & raquo; immunity?For example:

The results of clinical tests of the effectiveness of the drug Licopid 1 mg in children and adults.

So, if you have doubts, you can ask and find information on clinical studies of a drug, and not blindly believe promises in advertising or poorly indemnified, and sometimes even anonymous materials that walks on the Internet about the effectiveness of a drug.

If the drug has clinically proven efficacy, its mechanism of action is thoroughly studied, and its safety is reliably verified, the effect of therapy will not make himself wait long and you will be able to interrupt a series of diseases.

be healthy!

Sick question - or whether it is needed; increase & raquo; immunity?

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