Treatment of Belma by means of traditional medicine


  • What is Belmo
  • Treatment of Belma by folk remedies

  • What is Belmo

    Belmo - resistant cloud of horny eye shell. It is a scarsing tissue that appears most often due to various inflammatory processes in the cornea and her injuries with any solid particles. Depending on the location and density of Belmo, it can dramatically worsen vision or not to have any influence. As a rule, Belmo is not amenable to drug treatment, but perhaps surgery, restoring vision.

    Treatment of Belma by folk remedies

    For centuries, verified funds of traditional medicine used for the treatment of Luma, such as.

    • Treatment of Belma by means of traditional medicineStamp from the infusion of herbs for medicinal. This same infusion can also be drunk daily or simply there is a powder of this grass (to take a powder on a tablespoon of water on the knife tip). When the red in the eye will pass, start blowing into the eye sugar powder. Blow to a little, but every day. Treatment need to spend a long time. If, upon blowing, the red will appear, temporarily cease treatment until it passes, and then blow again. To worry about the fact that in this case, tears may appear - do not stand, as tears are a strong agent against rotary bacteria. Nature itself, filling the eyes with tears when they are injured, gives a means against the mighty to get into this time in the eyes of harmful bacteria.
    • Rye bread. Take fresh, just baked rye bread, cut in bread on top of a hole on the diameter of a glass and put a glass of the bottom to the bottom, very tightly pressed. The glass is formed inside the drops, which must be buried in the sore eye every day. Belmo will gradually disappear.
    • Spot, mixed onion juice with honey. Is a good tool to prevent the development of Luma to the eye.
    • Liquor. «Clean and strong liquor made of ash, as usual is done for laundry laundry, mixed in half with cream and dried in the eyes in the evenings, there is a faithful tool for the belling of Belm».
    • Soap. «Soap, diluted thick, like milk, also drives Belmo, if you start it in the evenings».
    • «Well also sprinkle Belmo for the night with a powder of equal parts of the dry root of celandine, a sniff tobacco and salt».
    • Liviza Fir. To remove the Luma without surgery, you need to dig into the eyes daily by drop of ghivitsa fir. In the eye will be felt strong burning, but Belmo will gradually disappear.
    • Red Grade Luke Juice. In Tajik folk medicine for the treatment of Luma, as well as to restore reduced vision, burst into the eyes of 1 - 2 drops of a red bow. Local Tabiba Recommend 1 - 2 Procedures per month. In order to reduce irritating action, the juice is used with milk in proportion 1: 1 and assign such a mixture 1 - 3 times a week.
    • Soased Belmo is treated by parires, kneading and ointments with adding infusion. Mazi is applied to the eye in the bath.

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