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  • Such an indecent belching
  • When belching is useful
  • Different belching - different reasons
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  • Such an indecent belching

    Expressive useful and harmfulNo worse, when after the glasses of champagne and some wonderful salad with stomach crabs, we can not forgive the pleasure and starts to take revenge: pain, nausea, heartburn and the very bad - indecent, driven into the paint, belching... They say, in the old days a loud belching was a sign of respect for the owner of the house, putting a noble treat, but now... Ashable, disgusting. Polite surrounding so diligently do not notice your torment that it's time to fall through the earth. Is it really impossible to force yourself from this confusion?

    During meals together with food, we involuntarily swallow air. This phenomenon is called aerophage. Fall into the gastrointestinal tract and gases contained in some products. In addition, gases are formed in the process of digestion. Therefore, the esophagus and the stomach always contains an enno amount of air and gases. When there are too much there, they begin to put pressure on the sphincter - the muscle, locking the entrance to the stomach. This is a burden.

    When belching is useful

    Generally speaking, nothing terrible in belching as such. If the gases do not leave the stomach in time, they can cause much more noticeable trouble - heartburn, the feeling of cutting and bloating. Often, these symptoms are preceded by belching and disappear after the excess air leaves the stomach. That's why doctors do not recommend restraining.

    But, sorry, somehow I do not pull this useful recommendation. Own more.

    How to be? The answer is one - avoid factors that contribute to the accumulation of gases in the stomach. About how to do this, let's talk a little later, but for now I look at the phenomenon of belching on the other side, not so elementary.

    Different belching - different reasons

    Open with air, as we have said, maybe anyone, even an absolutely healthy person. But sometimes together with gastric gases, part of its contents are thrown. It is very similar to the mechanism of heartburn - gastroesophaginal reflux. The only difference is that when leaving the contents of the stomach drops significantly further than the esophagus and can even get into the oral cavity, which is there an unpleasant taste. Such belching is not so harmless as usual: most often it indicates some kind of digestive organs.

    If the belching worries constantly and is accompanied by a bad taste in the mouth, it is necessary to figure out as soon as possible, what is the reason, since it can be very serious.

    To set an accurate diagnosis, it is important to know what kind of taste occurs when a belch. For example, the acid belching can be an indirect sign of increased secretion of gastric juice. It sometimes occurs with sharp slopes of the torso and is often accompanied by heartburn. Bulfle in the mouth is associated with bile cast and testifies to malfunctions in bile ducts. If the sulfide appears in the mouth (rotten eggs) appears in the mouth, it says about stitching stomach, as a rule, due to the narrowing of the entry from the stomach. Such a narrowing is observed in the formation of post-gas scars, as well as tumors. There's no doctor here without a doctor. And the sooner you will meet with him, the better.

    Not to blush due to belching

    So that there were no belching Try not to beat the air. This happens when a person is thrown on food or decides on the table world problems. And if you, in principle, prone to belching, refuse the carbonated drinks and high-air products (beer, ice cream, souffle, whipped cream). Even recommendations: do not drink through the straw, as well as from cans and bottles - this is a sure way to heat air; give up chewing gum.

    The cause of belching can be frequent swallowing movements: because in saliva mass of air bubbles. So try not to smooth too often. There is an easy way to stay from this: from time to time to keep the handle or pencil in the mouth. Sometimes frequent swallowing accompanies strong experiences. Calm down, and therefore prevent belching, the light sedatives of plant origin helps - for example, Valerian.

    By the way, Valerian is part of a folk herbal collection from belching. 2 st is taken. Valerian root spoons and mint leaves, 1 st. Spoon leaf wormwood and 6 st. Spoons of yarrow grass. Thousands of water boiled in a liter of water for 10 minutes, and then this decoction is poured the mixture from the other components and half an hour insist it. During the day you can take up to 3 glasses of such a medicine.

    And here is another people's recipe: mix in 30 grams of chamomile and fennel colors, as well as 40 g of lime color. Two st. Spoons of the mixture pour a glass of boiling water, hold on the water bath, cool, strain, and then squeeze and pour water, bringing the volume to 200 ml. Drink 2 - 3 times a day before eating 1/3 - 1/2 cup.

    There is nothing better than a fun feast, there is nothing worse than suffering after it. But why suffer, if you can do without torment?

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