7 simple steps of getting rid of insomnia


7 simple steps of getting rid of insomniaTaking care of insomnia, we earn not only fatigue and irritability, but also an elevated level of cortisol. Alas, an excessive amount of this hormone is associated with a rather big number of big problems. Among them:

  • anxiety,
  • Reducing the ability to concentrate,
  • Heart attacks,
  • stroke,
  • Elevated blood pressure,
  • irritable intestinal syndrome,
  • Disorders of digestion,
  • obesity,
  • Depression.

We hope that you do not want to earn anything from this list. If you have at least the slightest difficulties with sleep, we give you seven steps to restore the ability to sleep hard.

Step 1. Down with evening boobies!

Even a glass of wines before bedtime can deprive you of the most important part — Fast sleep phases. It is in this phase that the brain cycle actively works, assimilating the impressions of the day, and the body is as relaxed as much as possible and resting. Experiments with mice are unequivocal: mice that were walked before they move from the phase of slow sleep in the fast phase, after forty days died. Those animals that were deepened only by the phases of deep (slow) sleep, lived as usual.

The same adverse effect of caffeine. So no alcohol, coffee and black tea at least three to four hours before sleep.

Step 2. Rutins and rituals

No matter how you hate scarlet, your body thinks otherwise. It loves the routine, rituality and day day one and the same. This love is called homeostasis — desire for constancy and stability. If you give the body the same annoying sequence of actions, it will catch up to quickly send you to the kingdom of sleep.

On rituals need to take at least forty minutes, it is better an hour. An hour before sleep, stop any intellectual work, drink soothing warm tea, take a shower, cook clothes for tomorrow and collect bag. And be sure to leave yourself at least twenty minutes to read in bed. No better means want to sleep than an interesting book.

But if sex helps you fall asleep, do not deny yourself the pleasure!

Step 3. Late evening — no time for exercises

Any physical load increases body temperature, and for sleep you should not be preheated. Maximum that you can afford if you didn't have time for the day, — light stretching or unhurried walk in the area not less than per hour and a half before sleep.

But generally look at the body's reaction. Some, no matter how paradoxically, the run before bed helps instantly sleep and sleep until the alarm call.

Step 4. Light — enemy sleep

7 simple steps of getting rid of insomniaTelevisions, computers, tablets, phones must be turned off per hour before the deposit to sleep. You may have the evening now, you are sitting in bed and read this article. The point, of course, is good, but not before bedtime. Any blue light (from each screen) interferes with melatonin production. And with the lack of this hormone, you can forget about a good sleep.

By the way, the usual warm light of a non-latch lamp or night light will not prevent you from. So read on health paper books and electronic (but only those that mimic paper).

Step 5. Relaxing techniques

Teach yourself a few minutes of respiratory gymnastics and special relaxing exercises.


  • Lie on the back, relax from the tips of the fingers to the muscles of the face.
  • Slowly breathe through the nose, consider up to eight.
  • Hold your breath for five seconds.
  • Slowly, for four seconds, exhale.
  • Repeat the exercise how much you need to feel that you fall asleep.

Muscular relaxation

Exercise may seem strange to you, but this technique is patented in the USA as one of the most effective for falling asleep.

  • Lie on the back in bed and close your eyes.
  • Attract thumbs to face. Slowly take up to ten.
  • Return to the starting position.
  • Relax your fingers slowly counting to ten.
  • Repeat the exercise ten times.

Step 6. No inclusion before bedtime

About the fact that you do not need to dinner tightly before bedtime, hundreds of books are written. Therefore, briefly summarize. If your body will have to do digestion, you will not be enough. If you are hungry, drink a glass of kefir or eat two spoons of cottage cheese.

Step 7. Forget about fighting insomnia

The more you try to fall asleep, the less you have a chance. Trying to immerse yourself in sleep, you strain, and the tension is incompatible with sleep.

If you could not fall asleep twenty minutes after it was prepared for sleep, do not toride yourself. It is better to stand up, take a book or listen to a pleasant music. Try any interesting relaxation technique. When you take the fact that you can't fall asleep right now, you calm down and want to sleep.

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